‚Äč #BusinessAddicts Meditation Challenge


Following on from our episode on "Spirituality in Business" with Dr Isaam, as well as the episode we conducted with Melitta Hardenbeg on "Breaking Bad Habits", we thought we would help #BusinessAddicts to create a new daily habit of meditation.

That's why we are conducting a FREE #BusinessAddicts 7-Day Meditation Challenge that you can participate in, either in your own time or alongside other #BusinessAddicts.

Register here to join the challenge and receive an email a day for seven days (from Sunday 5 June 2016), which will contain a guided meditation, recorded by Dr Isaam, as well as additional support to help you form this new habit of meditation.

Loren & Fiona

Don't forget to meditate

You will receive:

  • A daily guided meditation .mp3 to assist you when meditating 
  • Daily education and inspiration to help with your motivation
  • Support and accountability from fellow #BusinessAddicts