In this episode Jillian Vorce talks about 20/20 Mind Sight, sharing insights into how you can refocus, reignite and reinvent your life from the inside out.

Jillian Vorce

Jillian has been helping professionals make connections and attain business goals for more than almost two decades. An expert at networking and relationship development, she opens doors & creates opportunities for senior-level executives and business owners across America.

Jillian is the Founder and Chief Handshaker of The Jillian Group Inc., author of 20/20 Mind Sight and a TEDx speaker.

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20/20 Mind Sight

In this episode we explore

  • What 20/20 mind sight is
  • Advice for people who need to take time to refocus, reignite and reinvent their life
  • The importance of community
  • The role of inspiration and desperation when it comes to making changes in your life
  • How one handshake can change everything and some of the challenges and opportunities that come with each handshake we encounter
  • How we teach people and the universe how to treat us and the implications this can have on our lives
  • Jillian’s secret to her success in being so well regarded by the people that she meets
  • The importance of taking off the lenses we use to view others and ourselves
  • How Jillian has gone from providing service without asking for anything in return to forming more formal business relationships with those people down the track and advice on how you can do similar
  • The importance of regularly schedule time to think and Jillian’s tips for collecting her thoughts
  • What you can do before during and after meetings to make sure that you get the most out of your time spent meeting with clients and potential clients
  • The power of writing your own eulogy
  • The power of writing your six word story

Loren’s Six Word Story

Loren couldn’t settle on just six words (no surprises there, so she wrote a few):

  • #BusinessAddict working for my husband’s retirement.
  • Juggling family and business. Dropped health.
  • Great upbringing. Want same for kids.
  • Former athlete. Still training. Wouldn’t know.
  • Fast paced. Trying to slow down.
  • Achievement Junkie. Chasing Success. Will win!

Fiona’s Six Word Story

Here’s a couple of six word stories for Fiona:

  • Walking. Talking. Caring. Sharing. Living. Loving.
  • I am having the best time!

Resources discussed in the show

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