In this episode Christine Sheehy talks about authentic messaging, sharing insights into how you can connect with your core message and discover your unique voice so that you can communicate that to your prospects and clients.

Christine Sheehy

Christine Sheehy is a messaging coach, copywriter and bestselling author whose work is all about taking you Write to the Heart of Your Business. Christine helps entrepreneurs and small business owners find the core message at the heart of their work and get known for it.
Through guided journalling and coaching programmes, Christine helps you rediscover your unique voice and share your message with power and impact across your entire online presence – so you can grow your tribe AND your business.

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Authentic Messaging

In this episode we explore

  • What authenticity is.
  • How the term authenticity has been misused and overused of late, giving it a bad wrap.
  • The main benefits of being really tight on what your core message is.
  • Tips for figuring out what your core message is.
  • What you should do with your core message (once you’ve figured it out).
  • Finding your “voice” and why this is important for your business.
  • Why a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with finding their voice and what you can do if you are struggling to find your unique voice.
  • What journalling is and how it can assist you in discovering your core messaging and finding your unique voice.
  • Different types of journalling.
  • Advice on how to ensure the voice of your business remains consistent as you grow your team our outsource work to contractors or copywriters.
  • Tips for finding out whether or not the messaging you are communicating about your business are consistent with your core messaging.
  • How to keep your creative energy high as you communicate your core message so that you can consciously create a body of work around your core message that positions you as an authority in your niche.

Resources discussed in the show

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