Facebook Messenger Marketing – Dan Pinne

In this episode Dan Pinne talks about how to best use Facebook Messenger Marketing to improve your digital marketing efforts.

Dan Pinne

Dan Pinne is the Founder of Organik Digital, created to show businesses how to engage and convert their customers through Facebook.

Dan specialises in Facebook Ads for eCommerce businesses and has worked with businesses of all sizes and knows what challenges they face and how to provide solutions that speak to those pain points. Dan has been achieving some great success lately for his clients using Messenger Marketing.


Rocking Retail – Sarah Cross

Rocking Retail - Sarah Cross

In this episode Sarah Cross talks about rocking retail, sharing how you can achieve success in the retail industry.

Sarah Cross

Sarah Cross is an award-winning successful businesswoman.

At 24 years old she successfully built and sold her own million-dollar gift hamper business and was formally recognised twice in the Australian Telstra Business Women’s Awards. With the rapid expansion of her rags to riches gift business, she built systems and procedures to enable its sales and marketing success and mastered the art of outsourcing to fulfil the demands of a highly-seasonal operation. She’s considered as one of Australia’s Product Industry Experts and helps coach creative women in the Giftware, Wholesale and Homeware industry accelerate their sales and build their own financially-successful million dollar businesses.

You can follow Sarah Cross on Facebook and Instagram.


Working Solo – Robert Gerrish

Working Solo - Robert Gerrish

In this episode Robert Gerrish talks about working solo, sharing insights into how soloists can achieve success in business and life by creating a business that integrates with the life they wish to live.

Robert Gerrish

Robert Gerrish supports individuals starting, growing, fine-tuning or exiting their business. He founded the Flying Solo online community, co-wrote the bestseller of the same name, and in mid-2018 launched his latest book, ‘The 1-Minute Commute’. He’s a podcaster, speaker and works one-on-one with a small group of independent professionals.


Loving Profit – Melanie Miller

Loving Profit - Melanie Miller

In this episode Melanie Miller talks about Loving Profit, sharing insights into how to create a business that is Profitable + Liveable + Loveable.

Melanie Miller

Melanie Miller is a lover of the unsexy side of business. After breaking up with the corporate world of soul-sucking employers she became a business coach over 8 years ago focusing on dishing up the hard unsexy truths of business to women. After losing her mum to cancer, she realised how short life is, and decided to go all out on creating a lifestyle business driven by her passion to help women create profitable, liveable and lovable businesses both off and online. Today she has a thriving online business called The Profit Lovers, has developed a crazy fun community of over 8000 female entrepreneurs and is living nicely in what she calls her business “sweet spot”.


Feng Shui For Business – Patricia Lohan

Feng Shui for Business - Patricia Lohan

In this episode Patricia Lohan talks about Feng Shui for Business, sharing some of the quick Feng Shui wins you can apply to your business that take relatively little effort but can return great results for your business.

Patricia Lohan

Patricia Lohan is a business coach, healer, Feng Shui practitioner and self-professed manifestation Queen believing that success in Business is an inside and outside job.