20/20 Mind Sight – Jillian Vorce

20/20 Mind Sight Jillian Vorce

In this episode Jillian Vorce talks about 20/20 Mind Sight, sharing insights into how you can refocus, reignite and reinvent your life from the inside out.

Jillian Vorce

Jillian has been helping professionals make connections and attain business goals for more than almost two decades. An expert at networking and relationship development, she opens doors & creates opportunities for senior-level executives and business owners across America.

Jillian is the Founder and Chief Handshaker of The Jillian Group Inc., author of 20/20 Mind Sight and a TEDx speaker.


Facebook Ad Campaign Objectives – Loren Bartley

Facebook Ad Campaign Objectives - Loren Bartley

In this episode Loren Bartley talks about Facebook Ad Campaign Objectives, sharing insights into which campaign objectives you should choose when setting up your Facebook Ads. Loren outlines which campaigns are best and under which circumstances, as well as some exceptions to the rules.

Loren Bartley

Loren Bartley is as a social media strategist, speaker and consultant. She is also the co-host and producer of the top-rated podcast, #BusinessAddicts.

As the Founder of digital marketing agency, Impactiv8, and with over 20 years of experience teaching and helping businesses leverage technology, build communities and achieve success, Loren has worked with clients ranging from solopreneurs through to major national brands.

Loren is on a personal mission to help remove the overwhelm, confusion and headaches that many businesses experience when trying to market their business online. Not believing in random acts of Social Media, she prefers to help businesses strategically invest in proven social media strategies that will attract, nurture and convert their ideal customers.

As an early adopter and lifelong learner, Loren prides herself as being the go-to-resource for the latest social media best-practice information in a rapidly changing environment and loves to share this knowledge with her audience.

Loren’s super power is her ability to achieve exceptional results for businesses using the power of Facebook Ads.


Running Business Events – Jade McKenzie

Running Business Events - Jade McKenzie

In this episode Jade McKenzie from Event Head talks about running business events, sharing insights into how you can organise and conduct events that can help transform your business.

Jade McKenzie

Jade is an international award winning event professional and coach for heart-centered entrepreneurs and business owners who want to run successful and sustainable events as part of their business model. Through her professional services, rock steady support and free member hub, Jade helps you understand the business foundations and logistical framework to run successful and sustainable events so that you can step into your spotlight and shine!


Selling Your Business – Denise Hall

Selling Your Business Denise Hall

In this episode Denise Hall from Business Brokers talks about selling your business, sharing insights into what you should be doing now to adequately prepare yourself so that you will have choices when it comes time to exit the business.

Denise Hall

Denise has built, owned and sold three businesses. She sold her last business in 2011 and since then has been helping Business Owners from all around Australia do similar. She has sold businesses of all shapes and sizes, including one person operations turning over $10,000 through to much larger operations with turnovers in excess of $10million.

In addition to helping people “sell their business”, Denise also runs workshops for Business Owners looking to commence the “exit journey”, as well as workshops for aspiring want-to-be Business Owners on “How to Successfully Buy a Business” upon request.


Digital Tools – Loren Bartley

In this episode Loren Bartley talks about Digital Tools, outlining the pros and cons of the various digital tools available to help you scale and better manage your business.

Loren Bartley


Key Person Of Influence – Glen Carlson

Key Person of Influence - Glen Carlson

In this episode Glen Carlson talks about how to become a key person of influence, sharing a five step methodology for becoming one of the most highly valued and highly paid people in your industry.

Glen Carlson

Glen is the co-founder of Dent Global and the Key Person of Influence Accelerator. Dent offers training, advisory and business services for what they call “the rising stars of business”.

In the last six years Dent has expanded internationally with a team of 45 across 12 time zones, with offices in the UK, USA, Singapore and Australia.

Through their popular ‘Key Person of Influence Accelerator’ the team at Dent has worked directly with more than 2,000 business owners to help them develop their personal brand and become more visible, valuable and scalable, with more than 500 graduates of their program going on to become published authors. The impact of Dent Global goes well beyond this, with thousands more entrepreneurs going onto new heights after consuming the content, books and events put on by the Dent.