LinkedIn Changes 2017 – Jo Saunders

LinkendIn Changes 2017 - Jo Saunders

In this episode Jo Saunders talks about LinkedIn, sharing details of the latest changes LinkedIn has made to the platform and the implications of these changes for you.

Jo Saunders

Jo Saunders is a LinkedIn expert, digital marketing consultant and social media educator who is known for demystifying the complexities of LinkedIn, and social media tools. She was named one of the top 200 LinkedIn practitioners in the world. She is passionate about guiding Professionals and teams to connect and communicate, to showcase their talent and expertise and build relationships in the era of social business.


Digital Tools – Loren Bartley

In this episode Loren Bartley talks about Digital Tools, outlining the pros and cons of the various digital tools available to help you scale and better manage your business.

Loren Bartley


Webinars That Convert: Omar Zenhom

Webinars That Convert Omar Zenhom

In this episode Omar Zenhom from Webinar Ninja and the $100 MBA talks about creating webinars that convert, sharing insights into how you can most effectively use webinars to help grow your business.

Omar Zenhom

Omar Zenhom is the co-founder of The $100 MBA, the largest alternative business education online. He’s also the host of an iTunes Best of 2014 podcast, The $100 MBA Show. The $100 MBA Show has delivered almost 800 lessons and counting to over 50,000 daily listeners.

Omar is also the co-founder of WebinarNinja, an all-inclusive, easy-to-use webinar platform that allows you to create a webinar in 10 seconds flat.

It’s been known that Omar’s biggest talents are on the dance floor. Michael Jackson would be proud. 🙂


Creating Quality Audio: Karly Nimmo

Creating Quality Audio Karly Nimmo

In this episode Karly Nimmo talks about creating quality audio, sharing insights into how you can improve the quality of the audio in your audio recordings, podcasts and videos so that people tune in for longer.

Karly Nimmo

Karly Nimmo is a born communicator. She’s an ex-radio jock, producer & copywriter, current in-demand Voice Over Artist and has run her successful Voice Over Agency (Killer Kopy) for over a decade.

Karly has worked as a voice over artist with everyone from Telstra, BHP, eBay, Panasonic, Qantas to Coles-Myer and ANZ. You can also hear Karly’s voice on her podcast, Karlosophies – Stories Behind Success.

Karly is also the creator of Radcasters Podcasting S’cool – where she teaches entrepreneurs how to podcast like a pro. Her current mission is to rid the world of shit sounding podcasts.


Visual Storytelling: Donna Moritz

068 Donna Moritz

In this episode Donna Mortiz talks about visual storytelling, sharing insights into how you can use visual storytelling to develop deeper engagement and stronger relationships with your audience as a strategy for building your business.

Donna Moritz

Donna is the founder of Socially Sorted, winner of the Best Business Blog in Australia 2014 and a Top 10 Social Media Blog for Social Media Examiner, 2015 and 2016 . Donna helps businesses, bloggers and entrepreneurs use visual social media and content strategy to get more reach, referrals and results in their business. Her content has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur Online, NBC, and Social Media Examiner and she is a regular speaker about digital and visual content for the marketing and tourism industries internationally.


Creating Viral Videos: Mick Russell

Mick Russell - Creating Viral Videos

In this episode Mick Russell talks about creating viral videos, sharing loads of tips to help your next video go viral!

Mick Russell

Mick Russell is an accomplished videographer and story teller whose natural passion for the medium is evident across his portfolio and client roster.

He has worked on high profile production projects including the Tour De Cure, supported by the Commonwealth Bank; video content for Target, as well as various small business stories which he loves the most!

With a background in business development, sales and management plus a passion for social media and micro-content, Mick continually strives for creative and innovative ways to tell an organisation’s story; helping the business successfully engage and connect with its audiences.