#BusinessAddicts First Birthday Celebration: Loren Bartley & Fiona Redding

Loren Bartley & Fiona Redding - #BusinessAddicts First Birthday Celebration

In this episode Loren and Fiona celebrate 52 weeks of regularly and consistently bringing you #BusinessAddicts The Podcast. The celebrations include reflecting on how the podcast has changed the lives of not only the co-hosts, but also some of the #BusinessAddicts listeners.

There are also two major announcements in regards to the #BusinessAddicts plans for the future.

Loren Bartley & Fiona Redding


Stress Made Easy: Dr Linda Wilson

Dr Linda Wilson - Stress Made Easy

In this episode Dr Linda Wilson talks about how you can take control of the level of stress you experience on a daily basis, sharing insights into how you can use the latest neurological research, tools and techniques to create sustainable stress management for yourself.

Dr Linda Wilson

Dr Linda Wilson is the Author of Stress Made Easy – Peeling Women Off The Ceiling.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Linda is a corporate wellness consultant and owns a multi-modality wellness practice. When not working with clients Linda has a weekly radio show focusing on stress management, health and wellbeing.

Linda incorporates the latest neurological research, tools and techniques to create sustainable stress management plans for her clients.

Informed by the philosophy of a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, a Graduate Diploma in Education (Health) and 17 years clinical experience as a stress management specialist, Linda understands that the capacity to change your mind changes your world. Linda has helped hundreds of clients better identify, understand and manage their stress.


Living A Calendar Based Life: Phyllis Khare

Phyllis Khare - Living A Calendar Based Life

In this episode Phyllis Khare talks about living a calendar based life, sharing advice on how you can use simple free tools like Google Calendars to better manage your life.

Phyllis Khare

Phyllis Khare is the author of two books on social media marketing: Social Media Marketing eLearning Kit for Dummies and co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies, 1st and 2nd Editions.

Phyllis has contributed has written for Social Media Examiner, Marketing Profs, several social media marketing magazines. She also regularly presents for Social Media Examiner as part of their online training events.

Phyllis is the co-founder of Social Media Manager School – with Andrea Vahl. They currently have over 1000 students in their membership school from all over the world.

Phyllis is also the Founder of TimeBliss.ME — time management for busy entrepreneurs. And amongst many other amazing achievements, Phyllis was also Loren’s roomie at Social Media Marketing World 2015.


Taking Responsibility: Fiona Redding

Loren Bartley & Fiona Redding - Taking Responsibility

In this episode Fiona Redding talks about the importance of taking responsibility, explaining why you need to show up and take 100% responsibility for all aspects of your life and be accountable for who you are and where you are in your life. 

Fiona Redding

As founder and Chief Happiness Hunter, Fiona has built a network and community that is focused on reciprocity, connection and well-being.

The Happiness Hunter is a mastermind on legs – with daily walks throughout Melbourne (they are free!), a Leadership Program, an on-line community, You Can Change Your Life Bootcamp, retreats, workshops and mind-set mentoring. Fiona is also a speaker, business strategist and consultant, as well as being the co-host of #BusinessAddicts the podcast (one of the best gigs EVER!).


Bridging the Gap: Jonathan Doyle

038 - Jonathan Doyle
In this episode Jonathan Doyle (www.jonathandoyle.co) talks about Bridging the Gap, sharing with us his insights into how to live a more passionate, extraordinary and abundant life.

Jonathan Doyle

Jonathan is passionate about inspiring people to live the life they were created for. He is on an endless quest for insights, ideas and systems that can help us break through our barriers into a new level of life, service and purpose.

This quest is inspired by his lifelong interest into why some people live amazing lives of contribution and success, whilst many struggle with lost ambitions, unfulfilling relationships and the status quo.

Over the last two decades he has travelled the world, working with a wide range of organizations and delivering live seminars to over 300,000 people.

Jonathan believes that people who live passionate, extraordinary and abundant lives do so because they do different things to other people. He talks about this in his book “Bridging the Gap – 8 ideas to change your life”.


A Life Less Frantic: Kelly Exeter

033 Kelly Exeter - a life less frantic
In this episode Kelly from KellyExeter.com talks about a life less frantic, sharing with us seven life changing tips to help #BusinessAddicts in daily life.

Kelly Exeter

Kelly Exeter is a mother of two, wife of one, author of Your Best Year Ever, owner of boutique design company Swish Design and editor of Australia’s largest online community of solo and micro business owners, Flying Solo. Yet she pens a blog titled ‘A Life Less Frantic’. Can someone that busy really lead A Life Less Frantic? That’s the journey Kelly’s been taking her readers on for five years.