In this episode David Wommelsdorff shares insights into how building conscious consumerism within your business model can help you achieve success in business, whilst creating positive social changeat the same time.

David Wommelsdorff

An expert in brand development & brand extension, David has been on the forefront of advertising & marketing both in Australia and internationally.

David is the Chief Marketing Officer and part owner of HERO Condoms; a socially responsible company which donates a condom in a developing country for every condom sold in Australia, to help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS, and co-founder of her/ – a socially responsible feminine hygiene brand that acts as a platform of inspiration to empower girls to stay in school.

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Conscious Consumerism

In this episode we explore

  • What conscious consumerism is.
  • How businesses can use conscious consumerism as a differentiation strategy in business, using Hero Condoms and her/ as examples of how you can to achieve this.
  • How the money for the minimum production quantity of product for her/ was generated via a crowdfunding campaign.
  • The biggest challenges and key lessons learnt from the her/ crowdfunding campaign, including what they would’ve done differently if they had their time again.
  • The having a good cause behind your crowdfunding campaign, rather than just a product can have a positive influence on your level of success when it comes to your crowdfunding and marketing campaigns.
  • The role of influencers in crowdfunding.
  • How an authentic story can assist your marketing campaign.
  • The difficulties of marketing products that are sensitive in nature, like condoms and sanitary napkins.
  • The future plans for Hero and her/.
  • The impact of having your products picked up by major supermarkets.
  • How demonstrating a bigger vision for what your company is trying to achieve beyond just selling products can have a significant impact in the success of your business.
  • Advice for a business who is not currently socially conscious or charitable in their approach to start becoming more that way, without seeming to be jumping on the supporting a “good cause” bandwagon purely as a publicity angle.
  • The importance of having a genuine interest in creating positve social change.
  • Her Collective Hashtag: #HerCollective or #HerForHer
  • Hero Condoms Hashtag: #MakeLoveChangeTheWorld

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