In this episode Sarah Cross talks about rocking retail, sharing how you can achieve success in the retail industry.

Sarah Cross

Sarah Cross is an award-winning successful businesswoman.

At 24 years old she successfully built and sold her own million-dollar gift hamper business and was formally recognised twice in the Australian Telstra Business Women’s Awards. With the rapid expansion of her rags to riches gift business, she built systems and procedures to enable its sales and marketing success and mastered the art of outsourcing to fulfil the demands of a highly-seasonal operation. She’s considered as one of Australia’s Product Industry Experts and helps coach creative women in the Giftware, Wholesale and Homeware industry accelerate their sales and build their own financially-successful million dollar businesses.

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Rocking Retail

In this episode we explore

  • How to stand out in a crowded marketplace.
  • Alternatives to discounting and always having to compete on price.
  • The main characteristics that sets retail businesses that are thriving apart from those that are struggling.
  • Advice for retailers with seasonal fluctuations to be able to manage cash flow during the low season.
  • The importance of developing systems and processes in the retail industry.
  • What you need to do to ensure you don’t end up being a slave to the business.
  • Advice for outsourcing in the retail industry. 
  • The benefits of targeting the corporate market.
  • The importance of partnerships in growing your retail business.
  • How being recognised in the Australian Telstra Business Women’s Awards can help your business grow.

Resources discussed in the show

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