In this episode Jade McKenzie from Event Head talks about running business events, sharing insights into how you can organise and conduct events that can help transform your business.

Jade McKenzie

Jade is an international award winning event professional and coach for heart-centered entrepreneurs and business owners who want to run successful and sustainable events as part of their business model. Through her professional services, rock steady support and free member hub, Jade helps you understand the business foundations and logistical framework to run successful and sustainable events so that you can step into your spotlight and shine!

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Running Business Events

In this episode we explore

  • An overview of the different types of events you could run in your business and the benefits of each.
  • How long in advance of your event you should start the planning process for your business events.
  • The first thing you need to check off as part of your event planning process.
  • Tips for creating event budgets so that you aren’t left with a gaping hole in your wallet once your event is over.
  • The importance of negotiating and sourcing items you already have for use at your events as a strategy to bring down your event expenses.
  • Tips for pricing your events.
  • Charging people a nominal fee to decrease your no-show rate.
  • How to make sure your free or low-cost events are still profitable for your business.
  • Tips for pitching your products and services at your events.
  • The right way for approaching potential sponsors to increase your chance of success when approaching sponsors.
  • When to start selling your event tickets.
  • Tips for getting more people to your events.
  • How important event aesthetics are.
  • Tips for the event day to make sure the event runs as smoothly as possible.
  • The benefits of getting help at your events.
  • What you should be doing post-event to close off the event and plan for any similar events you wish to run in future.

Resources discussed in the show

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