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Are you a business owner in the Western suburbs of Melbourne that has been negatively impacted by COVID-19? Would you like access to a professional work environment, close to home, with excellent ammenities, that you can access 24/7 for a whole month, at no cost, to help kickstart your recovery? If so, apply now for a Sponsored Desk at Business Addicts Coworking. 

Sponsor a Desk

Would you like to help kickstart our local economy by sponsoring a desk for a local business owner that has been doing it tough during COVID-19? This is your opportunity to pay it forward and make a big difference to a business in need, and have your business promoted as a thanks for your generosity. If so, apply now to Sponsor a Desk at Business Addicts Coworking.     

About the program

Small Business Support

This program aims to support small businesses that have been doing it tough of late through no fault of their own. In particular, we are seeking to help those businesses that find it really difficult to work productively from home, providing them with an environment where their business can thrive!

Community Generosity

We’ve been hearing so many stories of individuals and businesses that want to help other businesses in need, but they don’t know how.  This program provides the opportunity to make a significant positive difference to the lives of small business owners, their families, and in turn the wider community.

Business Addicts Coworking

The circumstances of several of the businesses that were using our space prior to COVID-19 have changed and unfortunately some won’t be returning. We are keen to attract new businesses to our space so that we can bounce back from the financial impact that lockdowns and restrictions have had on our business as well.

About Us

Business Addicts Coworking is a coworking space located on Old Geelong Road in Hoppers Crossing. We combine workspaces, community and services, with a range of membership options, enabling our members to work the way they want. 

As a result of COVID-19 Government restrictions and lockdowns, Business Addicts Coworking had a significant drop in membership from March to July and then had to close completely from early August through to the end of October 2020.

As we are a non-employing company, with the Director employed elsewhere, we have not been eligible for JobKeeper or any of the other Government incentives. Whilst we were able to reduce some of our outgoings, we now have tens of thousands worth of debt that we need to recover.

As well as supporting local businesses, this program will enable us to be able to bounce back so that we can continue to play a much needed role within the local business community for many years to come.

How does it work?

Melbournians love coffee. As coffee lovers, we’re also familiar with the pay-it-forward concept, where you pay a flat rate to cover the cost of a stranger’s coffee as an act of kindness, which can have a significant impact on the recipient. This Sponsor a Desk program borrows the idea from this concept. 

When you pay it forward, you’re usually changing someone else’s circumstances for the better. In this case, by Sponsoring a Desk, you’re helping provide a small business that has been doing it tough lately, as a result of COVID-19, with an ideal working environment for them to be able to thrive! 

Melbournians have been doing it super tough with lockdowns and movement restrictions in place since March 2020. The impact of these restrictions have come at a massive cost for many small businesses. But not everyone has been negatively impacted. For some, COVID-19 has provided an opportunity to shine.

We’re calling on individuals and businesses that are in a position to do so, to pay-it-forward and help give another small business the kickstart they need on their road to recovery.

In return, we will be providing our sponsors with details of the business they have supported, loads of public kudos for their contributions and that warm fuzzy feeling that you get inside when you participate in an act of kindness, such as this. 

What’s does the coworker get?

If you are one of the fortunate recipients of this generous sponsorship, you will receive an Unlimited Coworking Membership for one month for FREE, valued at $330. No credit card required. No ongoing commitment. 

Our ammenities include:

High Speed Internet
Creatives Spaces
Meeting Rooms
24/7 Secure Access
Privacy Phone Booths
Professional Environment
Plenty of Free Parking
Ergonomic Furniture
Sit/Stand Desks
Regular Cleaning
Hand Sanitisers

COVIDSafe Workplace

Business Addicts Coworking COVID-19 Reopening Plan

Business Addicts Coworking is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all Business Addicts Coworking members and guests, as well as the wider community.

We have a COVIDSafe Plan in place that includes details of the actions we’re taking to prevent an outbreak of COVID-19, alongside expectations that are placed upon any person accessing the space at this time. This policy has been developed using current advice and guidelines from the Victorian Government. 

For the safety of Business Addicts Coworking members and our wider community, this document must be followed by anyone who accesses the space, until further notice.

While we will be so excited to greet people when we re-open, we’ll restrain ourselves by waving from a 1.5 metre distance and you’ll know that we’re smiling behind our masks. You’ll have access to contactless entry via our app and wipes for your desk for additional peace of mind in addition to our regular cleaning. 

Our membership and usage numbers are monitored to ensure there is 4 square metres of space per person. Workstations have been arranged to ensure a physical distance of at least 1.5 metres between coworkers. Until further notice, all members and guests are required to wear a mask and maintain a physical distance of at least 1.5 metres from other people at all times.

Our Sponsors So Far…

Where people love to work

I wouldn’t use a serviced office enough to justify the cost, but needed a location outside of my home office for a few reasons: A professional place to meet clients, to be part of a long-term business community, and to work outside the house sometimes without having to go to a noisy public place. Having a commercial address is also a good look.

Leesa Ward, Double-E Design


I would highly recommend this space to anyone. Having a professional space as an option to work outside of the home office has been really important. Another benefit is the informal networking with other like-minded people using the space. It’s a great community to be a part of.

Liz Thompson, Caliba Design + Branding

I was researching the options available with regards to the potential of using a co-working space for some time and was recommended Business Addicts. Straight away I found the welcome very friendly by Loren and the team and was impressed with the layout, the space available and the atmosphere that was generated by the others in the room. There was no hesitation in using the space for the period I required and will certainly be using the space again in the future.

Craig Emery, CJC Consulting


What type of businesses can apply for a coworking desk?

The program is open to the owners of small businesses that: 

  • hold an active Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • are a sole trader, partnership, private company or trust that operates a small business
  • are not be a public company, charitable business (one that does not operate to make a profit) or body corporate under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997
  • have less than five full-time equivalent employees
  • have been trading for a minimum of 12 months prior to 1 March 2020

Preference will be given to applicants that live within 15km of Business Addicts Coworking.

When will I find out if I am successful in getting a spoonsored desk?

We will be reviewing applications periodically in line with the availability of sponsored desks and will get in touch with applicants as soon as possible to indicate whether or not your application has been successful.

We anticipate a lot of applications, so please don’t chase us up (and add more workload) if you haven’t hear anything. Rest assured that we will be doing our best to respond to all applications as soon as possible within the constraints of our limited resources.

When will I be able to use the sponsored desk?

You will have 24/7 access to your sponsored desk for a period of one month. You will be required to download our access control app so that you can let yourself in at anytime.

Whilst you will have 24/7 access to Business Addicts Coworking and your desk, we do not permit you to sleep there. 🙂

What if I can't use the sponsored desk straight away?

We want to help businesses kickstart their COVID-19 recovery as soon as possible and that includes giving them access to a professional workplace at the earliest possible opportunity.

Once we advise you that you are successful, you will have one week to book in for and complete your Business Addicts Coworking orientation and COVIDSafe induction.

Your one month access period will commence on that same day.

If you are not available to start within a week of being notified, then we will reallocate your desk to another business and you will forfeit your opportunity.

If you are not able to attend for any period of time within your allocated month, any missedd time will not be able to be extended or available to be redeemed at another time. 

Do I have to use the sponsored desk every day?

No. You have access to Business Addicts Coworking to use as much as you require for a period of a month. 

Whilst you don’t have to come every day, if you are likely to use it any less than three times per week, then we would recommend that you don’t apply so that we can allocate the desk to a business that is likely to get more use out of it and therefore a greater benefit for their business. 

If you are not able to attend for any period of time within your allocated month, any missedd time will not be able to be extended or available to be redeemed at another time.

How many sponsored desks will be available?

This will depend upon the number of sponsors we receive. Our initial aim is to get at least 20 sponsors on board, so that we can assist at least 20 small businesses. 

With physical distancing restrictions in place and our current layout, we have capacity for 16 desks within our coworking space and an additional capacity of 18 desks within our training room. This capacity includes sponsored desks and our member desks. 

Should we have more sponsors than available desks at any point in time, then we will hold off on allocating the extra sponsored desks until the previously sponsored desk periods have lapsed.  

What if I have more than one business?

You can apply if you have more than one business, as long as at least one of your businesses qualify. 

If you are successful in receiving a sponsored desk, then you will not be eligible to apply again under another business entity.

Can I get a sponsored desk for more than a month?

The aim of this program is to give as many small businesses as possible a professional work environment to kickstart their COVID-19 recovery. It is not intended to be a longterm funded solution and therefore the sponsorship is limited to one month. 

Should one of the sponsored businesses wish to continue beyond their sponsored term, then they are welcome to take out a membership, but there is no expectation or requirement to do so. 

How long will this program be available for?

We will continue to offer this program for as long as we there is interest to sponsor desks.

Will the sponsored desk be a dedicated desk that is only allocated to me?

Your sponsored desk provides you with Unlimited Coworking for the period of one month.

You will have access to a variety of workspaces including:

  • Ergonomic desks and chairs
  • Sit/stand desks
  • Private phone booths
  • Meeting rooms
  • Creative Spaces
  • Lounges

This will allow you to work the way you want on any given day.

Whilst we will be managing desk usage and encouraging you to limit your movement within the space to comply with our COVIDSafe plan, you will not have exclusive access to a dedicated desk.

Coworkers are encouraged to sit at the same desk, where possible, each time they use the space. Numbered place cards have been located at each workspace. Workers can check who else has been sitting at that workstation via the attendance register. Where possible, workers should try to sit at a desk that isn’t regularly used by another person.

Business Addicts Coworking will be doing regular cleaning, as well as regularly disinfecting high touch points throughout the coworking space.

In addition to this, coworkers are encouraged to clean their workstation prior to and after usage. Cleaning products have been provided for this purpose.

You can find out more about the measures we are taking to ensuring the health and safety of the Business Addicts community, as well as the wider community in our COVIDSafe Plan

If you are interested in a dedicated desks, then these are available at a cost of $440 per month.

Will I be required to wear a mask?

Whilst it remains a Government directive to do so, everyone accessing Business Addicts Coworking must wear a face mask and/or required PPE at all times whilst in the space, unless a lawful exception applies.

If you have a lawful exception, you will be required to provide evidence of the exception.

Masks must cover the nose and mouth. It is your responsibility to provide your own face mask. If using a cloth mask, it should be washed each day after use.

Disposable masks should be taken with you at the end of each day. and disposed of after the masks recommended usage period.

You can find out more about the measures we are taking to ensuring the health and safety of the Business Addicts community, as well as the wider community in our COVIDSafe Plan

Can I have any visitors in the workspace?

During the Third Step within Victoria’s roadmap for reopening the only people permitted to access the space are Business Addicts Coworking members,.

Non-members are not permitted to access the space for meetings or any other purposes. However, any person wishing to use the space can join as a member and access the space, provided they also comply with the above requirements.

You can find out more about the measures we are taking to ensuring the health and safety of the Business Addicts community, as well as the wider community in our COVIDSafe Plan

Visitors to the space will be permitted when we reach the COVID-normal stage within Victoria’s roadmap for reopening. 

What will I get if I sponsor a desk?

Sponsors will receive the following benefits:

  • Feaatured as a Desk Sponsor within the Sponsored Desk Program section of the Business Addicts website.  
  • Social media shout outs on Business Addicts social media channels.
  • Signage on your sponsored desk.
  • That warm fuzzy feeling that you get inside when you participate in an act of kindness, such as this. 

We also expect you to receive gratitude from whichever business receives your sponsored desk. 

We will also be looking for additional opportunities to promote your involvement in this program through whatever press we are able to receive as a result of this program. 

How will the income received from the sponsored desks be used?

Your $330 sponsorship is providing an Unlimited Coworking pass to a small business owner who would otherwise be expected to pay $330 themselves for this same level of access. 

Your sponsorship will be used to service your sponsored business owner, as if they were a paying member themselves. 

Your sponsorship will go towards assisting us to pay back the tens of thousands worth of debt that Business Addicts has accumulated as a result of the COVID-19 Government restrictions and lockdowns. 

This will enable Business Addicts Coworking to be able to bounce back so that we can continue to play a much needed role within the local business community for many years to come.