In this episode Jason Malouin from Portrait Store talks about taking the perfect selfie. Jason shares his 5 step process to the ultimate selfie headshot so that you can easily and regularly create great pictures of yourself to assist with your online personal branding and connect with your audience, without the expense (or hassle) of having a professional photographer following you around all the time.

Jason believes that all professionals should be able to take control of their own image. Jason explains how, with the amazing tools we all carry in our pockets, you can creating high quality selfies that are good enough to use professionally as you develop an ever-evolving personal brand and share your story with the world.

Jason Malouin

Jason Malouin is a world-renowned, award winning portrait specialist.

Jason’s work regularly appears on the pages of Forbes, Entrepreneur, Financial Review and GQ.

Anyone who has been photographed by Jason understands that the images are secondary. His clients know the real value of his process is the chance to profoundly redefine themselves. It’s an opportunity to hold up a mirror and – if you’re open – give yourself a chance to see yourself differently.

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Taking The Perfect Selfie

In this episode we explore

  • 5 Steps to the Ultimate Selfie Headshot
  • Top tips for using the inbuilt camera on your phone
  • How to get the best lighting for your selfies, without the need for any special equipment
  • What makes for a good selfie background
  • Top tips for posing for a selfie
  • Apps that will help you optimise your photos before you share them
  • When you should ditch the selfie and move towards a more professional headshot as part of your branding
  • What to wear when getting photos taken
  • What you should be looking for in a professional photographer
  • How to best prepare for a professional photo shoot
  • The importance of capturing the true essence of the person in photographs

Resources discussed in the show

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