What Is #BusinessAddicts The Boardroom?

Since starting #BusinessAddicts The Podcast, we've had loads of our listeners and guests asking us what are we going to do next...

We have developed a fantastic community around the podcast and have been listening to all the feedback we are receiving around what our listeners would like to learn more about, as well as how they would like to achieve this. 

Many of our listeners have expressed the desire to be able to dig much deeper into some of the topics that are being discussed on the show, so that they can learn more from our amazing guests, apply those learning directly to their businesses and get more support in the process. 

That's why we have created #BusinessAddicts The Boardroom. 

#BusinessAddicts The Boardroom is a face-to-face one day training event that will serve as the catalyst for Business Addicts to easily build the strategies, relationships and expertise they need to rapidly accelerate their business growth.

#BusinessAddicts The Boardroom will be a quarterly event in 2017, bringing together hundreds of Business Addicts.

Each event will have a different focus. The details are being finalised at present...


We'll be announcing #BusinessAddicts The Boardroom speakers and agenda soon.

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#BusinessAddicts The Boardroom will be a one day face-to-face training event designed specifically for Business Addicts. 

This live training event is designed to take you on a step-by-step to rapidly accelerate your business growth.

We are currently seeking feedback from our Community as to what they would like to see included in these days, but one thing is for sure...

As part of #BusinessAddicts The Boardroom, we will be feeding your business addiction, providing you with loads of actionable content that you can easily implement within the context of your life as a proud Business Addict.

The full agenda will be announced soon. Click on one of the big red buttons on this page to be kept up-to-date with more details about the event as they become available.


Where will this event be held?

It will be held centrally in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, with easy access to public transport and early bird parking rates.

Do I have to sign up to all of the events or can I pick to come to just one?

Each event will be a stand alone event, however the events will build on lessons learnt in previous Boardrooms, so we recommend that you commit to coming to as many as you can to ensure that you get the most out of the learning and are able to join in on the accountability activities that we do from event to event. 

Will I have the opportunity to apply what I learn during #BusinessAddicts The Boardroom to my professional and personal life whilst there?

Throughout #BusinessAddicts The Boardroom there will be facilitated workshopping to apply the lessons learnt specifically to you and your business. 

The content delivered in each session will be accompanied by implementation resources, as well as further resources to take the lessons learnt to the next step. 

You will also have ample opportunity to to ask questions and gain feedback from both the speakers and other Boardroom members on the day.

Will it just be a repeat of what is discussed on #BusinessAddicts The Podcast?

No! Whilst some of the speakers will have been guests on #BusinessAddicts The Podcast, the content they will be delivering will be different from what they discussed on the podcast. 

They will be diving much deeper into the topics or presenting on different topics altogether. There will be much more of an emphasis on the "how" than the "why".

Our speakers will be providing highly valuable, actionable content, along with additional resources and ongoing support to assist you in implementing the lessons learnt. 

How can I find out more about speakers, dates and pricing?

We are in the process of locking in all the details around #BusinessAddicts The Boardroom. Click on one of the big red buttons above to be kept up-to-date with more details about the event as they become available.

What if I book my ticket and I can no longer make it?

Please note that tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable to another event, but you can gift yours to a fellow #BusinessAddict if you are unable to attend. We just ask that you give us at least 24hrs notice of the change of nam.