In this episode Scott Kilmartin talks about Amazon in Australia, sharing insight into the pros and cons of having this retail giant on our shores, as well as the potential impact Amazon may have on Australian businesses, consumers and our wider economy.

Scott Kilmartin

Scott started in ecommerce in 1999, growing that business from selling on a card table at Salamanca Market in Hobart to having multiple retail outlets, supplying 300+ design stores globally. In 2008 Scott won the City of Melbourne Business of the Year turning old vinyl advertising billboards into messenger bags, laptop sleeves and conference satchels.

In 2012 Scott co-founded an agency Online Store Guys, building ecommerce websites for businesses in the $1-15million online sales range.

Scott was a founding member of the National Online Retailer Association, is a regular speaker at ecommerce conferences around the world and consults to businesses from startups to mature brands. 

Scott was also one of the blokes on the Beers Blokes Business podcast, which was one of the podcasts that helped inspired us to start ours. 

He also has a side business in ice cream, with 4 carts that travel around Melbourne for weddings and events.

Right now, Scott is working on “David versus Amazon”, a 10 part audio series documenting Amazon’s launch in Australia. 

You can follow Scott on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Amazon in Australia

In this episode we explore

  • The retail giant Amazon and what their business model looks like.
  • Amazon’s delivery services and what they would likely to be in Australia.
  • The opportunities Amazon can create for Australians and the changes this might make to their shopping behaviours.
  • Potential impact of Amazon coming to Australia on local businesses.
  • The opportunities Amazon as a platform holds for Australian businesses. 
  • Whether or not Australian businesses may have a competitive edge in Australia over overseas competitors who are also using the platform.
  • The impact Amazon has had on the businesses and cultural landscape of the overseas markets it has entered in the past.
  • Predicted changes to Australian businesses and consumer behaviours after Amazon opens up in Australia.
  • Whether or not Amazon’s competitive delivery times will be the tipping point for Australian consumers choosing online over physical shopping.
  • Techniques Australian businesses can learn from retailers in other countries where Amazon already has a presence.
  • Advice to prepare you business for the arrival of Amazon in Australia.

Resources discussed in the show

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