Taking The Perfect Selfie – Jason Malouin

In this episode Jason Malouin from Portrait Store talks about taking the perfect selfie. Jason shares his 5 step process to the ultimate selfie headshot so that you can easily and regularly create great pictures of yourself to assist with your online personal branding and connect with your audience, without the expense (or hassle) of having a professional photographer following you around all the time.

Jason believes that all professionals should be able to take control of their own image. Jason explains how, with the amazing tools we all carry in our pockets, you can creating high quality selfies that are good enough to use professionally as you develop an ever-evolving personal brand and share your story with the world.

Jason Malouin

Jason Malouin is a world-renowned, award winning portrait specialist.

Jason’s work regularly appears on the pages of Forbes, Entrepreneur, Financial Review and GQ.

Anyone who has been photographed by Jason understands that the images are secondary. His clients know the real value of his process is the chance to profoundly redefine themselves. It’s an opportunity to hold up a mirror and – if you’re open – give yourself a chance to see yourself differently.


Conscious Consumerism: David Wommelsdorff

In this episode David Wommelsdorff shares insights into how building conscious consumerism within your business model can help you achieve success in business, whilst creating positive social changeat the same time.

David Wommelsdorff

An expert in brand development & brand extension, David has been on the forefront of advertising & marketing both in Australia and internationally.

David is the Chief Marketing Officer and part owner of HERO Condoms; a socially responsible company which donates a condom in a developing country for every condom sold in Australia, to help stop the spread of HIV/AIDS, and co-founder of her/ – a socially responsible feminine hygiene brand that acts as a platform of inspiration to empower girls to stay in school.

Marketing To Mums: Katrina McCarter

In this episode Katrina McCarter talks about Marketing to Mum’s, sharing insights into how to best market to the powerhouse of the Australian economy.

Katrina McCarter

Katrina is the founder and CEO of Marketing to Mums, a research and marketing consultancy.

She is a marketing strategist who specialises in understanding mothers a a powerful market sector, through experience and research.

Katrina is highly regarded for her creative growth strategies and her ability to negotiate strategic partnerships, and works with both small and big businesses to increase sales and profits selling to mums.

An award-winning business woman and mother of three, Katrina is an accomplished speaker and regular contributor to business media, including Smallville.com.au and has been featured on Today Tonight and in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, The Brisbane Times and SmartCompany.


From Unknown To Expert: Catriona Pollard

In this episode Catriona Pollard outlines her five-step process that you can use to go from unknown to the recognised leading expert in your field.

Catriona Pollard

Catriona Pollard is the author of From Unknown To Expert, a step by step framework designed to help entrepreneurs develop effective PR and social media strategies to become recognised as influencers in their field.

Catriona is also the director of CP Communications, which merges traditional PR tactics with cutting-edge social media strategies that engage consumers as well as business.


Influencer Marketing: Laney Galligan

In this episode Laney Galligan talks about Influencer Marketing, explaining how you can use influencer marketing in your business. We explore the win/win/win relationships that can occur when businesses partner with influencers for marketing purposes. We look at this from the perspectives of the influencer, the business and the audience.

Laney Galligan

Laney Galligan is an experienced sales and marketing professional, an ex-‘mummy blogger’, General Manager of ProBlogger and Director of bespoke influencer services agency Agents of Influence.
In a few short years she has contracted close to a million dollars in sponsorships for a small and select group of clients, simply by leveraging their influence.
Her next adventure is turning her knowledge and experience into resources for others so they too can understand, build and leverage their influence to create a living on their own terms.


Getting Heard In Business: Amber Daines

In this episode Amber Daines from Bespoke Communications talks about how to get heard in business and generate real influence.

Amber Daines

Amber Daines has spent her 18 year career devoted to all things communications including print and TV journalism, PR and marketing working in Australia, Asia and Europe.

Launching Bespoke Communications in 2007, Amber combined all her expertise to form a boutique agency servicing the corporate, small business, creative and charitable sectors. These days the business is focused on media training, public speaking, corporate communications strategy and professional writing services.

Amber is passionate about the power of communications to change your business and your profile. With two children under seven years old, Amber also thrives on the financial and mental flexibility that being self-employed allows.

In 2013 Amber launched her first self-published title ‘Well Spun: Big PR and Social Media Ideas for Small Business’ and most recently published ‘Well Said: How to be heard in business and generate real influence’, which unpacks the power of authentic speaking.