Working Solo – Robert Gerrish

In this episode Robert Gerrish talks about working solo, sharing insights into how soloists can achieve success in business and life by creating a business that integrates with the life they wish to live.

Robert Gerrish

Robert Gerrish supports individuals starting, growing, fine-tuning or exiting their business. He founded the Flying Solo online community, co-wrote the bestseller of the same name, and in mid-2018 launched his latest book, ‘The 1-Minute Commute’. He’s a podcaster, speaker and works one-on-one with a small group of independent professionals.


Feng Shui For Business – Patricia Lohan

In this episode Patricia Lohan talks about Feng Shui for Business, sharing some of the quick Feng Shui wins you can apply to your business that take relatively little effort but can return great results for your business.

Patricia Lohan

Patricia Lohan is a business coach, healer, Feng Shui practitioner and self-professed manifestation Queen believing that success in Business is an inside and outside job.


Living With Intention – Fiona Redding

In this episode Fiona Redding talks about living with intention, sharing insights into how having a ‘living with intention” mindset can help you achieve anything in life.

Fiona Redding

Well you are about to meet a mum proving an inspiration to women across Australia. From feeling desperately unhappy and by her own admission drinking too much to running a nationwide motivational business in just 3 short years. Now she called herself the Happiness Hunter. ~ Emmy Kubainski, 9 News – Perth


20/20 Mind Sight – Jillian Vorce

In this episode Jillian Vorce talks about 20/20 Mind Sight, sharing insights into how you can refocus, reignite and reinvent your life from the inside out.

Jillian Vorce

Jillian has been helping professionals make connections and attain business goals for more than almost two decades. An expert at networking and relationship development, she opens doors & creates opportunities for senior-level executives and business owners across America.

Jillian is the Founder and Chief Handshaker of The Jillian Group Inc., author of 20/20 Mind Sight and a TEDx speaker.