Inbound Marketing – James Gilbert

In this episode James Gilbert talks about inbound marketing, sharing insights into how inbound marketing has changed over the years and what strategies are working best now.

James Gilbert

James Gilbert is HubSpot’s Marketing Director in Asia Pacific. He leads the inbound movement in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, with a mission of helping businesses grow better by transforming the way they market and sell to match the way modern humans want to buy.

Having previously held marketing roles at HubSpot and Red Balloon focusing on demand generation, his experience spans everything from social ads and email marketing, to events and automation. In addition to his role in APAC, James also leads HubSpot’s global Facebook Messenger team, directing how the company builds a robust infrastructure and experimentation framework to develop messaging and chatbots as an effective marketing channel.

James is a self-described data nerd with an insatiable curiosity for business growth. He regularly speaks at industry events around Asia Pacific, and is often approached to share his expertise on small business growth. His happy place, however, is deep in a spreadsheet, coming up with insights that will drive growth for HubSpot. When he’s not buried in Excel, James is most likely to be found kitesurfing or practising his most recent hobby: learning to ride a motorbike without falling off.


Email Deliverability: Mark Penney

In this episode Mark Penney from Meppy talks about email deliverability, sharing insights into how you can improve the chances of your email marketing campaigns hitting the inbox of your intended recipients.

Mark Penney

Mark Penney loves marketing automation and is your go to person for all things tech related. Founder of Meppy, he works with small businesses to help them grow, scale and have their sales machine running while they sleep. Mark has spent his fair share of time working with the likes of Microsoft and Optus, but his true passion and sole focus is helping entrepreneurs and small business owners integrate high level automated business and marketing systems, that were once only available to big business with a big budget.

Mark has one of those minds we all envy, with an ability to process and systemise entire email marketing campaigns with one hand tied behind his back. He thrives on a challenge, and loves to find simple ways to do smart things.


Facebook Advertising: Loren Bartley

In this episode Loren Bartley from Impactiv8 talks about Facebook Advertising, sharing insights into how to create Facebook Ads that convert.

Loren Bartley

Loren Bartley from Impactiv8 is a proud #BusinessAddict!

Loren is a social media strategist, speaker, trainer, podcaster, blogger, early adopter, self-confessed geek, on-and-off again fitness addict and mother of three.

Through her training, Loren empowers you to grow your business using social media in conjunction with lifecycle marketing automation.

Her products and services include online training programs, presentations, workshops and one-on-one coaching. She also has a team that provides social media implementation services for businesses.

Loren is the creator of the Social Media Success and FB Business Success NOW! online training programs.

Regardless of the product or service provided, Loren provide the perfect balance between strategy, “how-to” and best practice, ensuring that all her clients have all the tools necessary to develop and maintain an effective social media presence.


Business Automation: Greg Jenkins

In this episode Greg Jenkins from Monkeypod Marketing talks about business automation, sharing some helpful tips on how you can make the most of automation software to streamline, scale and grow your business.

Greg Jenkins

Greg Jenkins is the founder of Monkeypod Marketing, where they focus on providing empowering entrepreneurs through educational events and online courses. Prior to starting Monkeypod Marketing, Greg worked at Infusionsoft, first as a consultant, and ultimately as the curriculum developer and lead trainer for Infusionsoft University. Greg currently lives in San Diego with his girlfriend Sara and dog Gatsby; and loves hiking, traveling, binging netflix and enjoying craft beer.


Conversion Optimization: Hunter Boyle

In this episode Hunter Boyle talks about conversion optimization, sharing insights into how to increase conversion rates in all aspects of your business to increase the profitability of your business.

Hunter Boyle

Hunter Boyle is an adventurer, business builder and international speaker. He’s been producing triple-digit gains since the dot-com days and led marketing and sales teams at AWeber, 1800 Hotels, MarketingExperiments and more. In 2015, he launched his new firm, Optimization Copilot, helping clients grow with content and conversion strategy, consulting and coaching. A leading authority on optimization, Hunter’s passion for training has fueled over 400 articles, webinars and workshops. Now he’s landed in Melbourne and is learning the joys of coffee and a whole new market.