The Future – Steve Sammartino

The Future – Steve Sammartino

In this episode Steve Sammartino talks about “the future”, sharing his predicted changes for our world based on the interconnection of human behaviour, technology and economics, studying the patterns and trends to determine where they are going to go in the near and distant future.

Steve Sammartino

Steve Sammartino is renowned as one of Australia’s leading futurists.

He has had multiple technology startups and launched one of the first “Sharing Economy” startups – Rentoid, that he had a successful exit from.

He is a global thought leader and authority on disruption and the author of two books, “The Great Fragmentation – Why the future of business is so small” and “The Lessons That School Forgot – How to hack your way through technology”.

He has also invested in some crazy projects over time, including building a full size drivable car that runs on air and was made using 500,000 pieces of Lego and also sending a Lego rocket into space orbit.

Steve provides expert commentary on emerging technology on Australian TV and news. He has a sharp focus on its impact on business and society. He’s the guy who always knows what’s happening, what’s next and how it will change our world. He know’s how to express big and sometime complex ideas in language everyone can understand.


LinkedIn Lead Generation – Matt Clark

In this episode Matt Clark talks about how to generate high value leads using LinkedIn, sharing insights into how to connect with, communicate with and convert your ideal customers using LinkedIn.

Matt Clark

Matthew Clark helps Business Owners Get 2-5 High Value Leads Per Day From LinkedIn Without Paying For Ads.


Business Branding – Peter Engelhardt

In this episode Peter Engelhardt talks about business branding, sharing insights into how you can transform your business into a brand.

Peter Engelhardt

Peter Engelhardt is a brand consultant and entrepreneur focused on strategic branding and design for small to medium sized enterprises. He is the founder and CEO of Creative Brew, a strategic design agency that helps entrepreneurs and business creators who want to transform their businesses into industry leading brands.

Peter and his team have also developed the world’s only interactive eTool, Plan2Brand. Designed to make it easier for business owners to understand brand strategy it guides users through the process of crafting a meaningful strategic roadmap.

Peter is also the Author of ‘Differentiate to Dominate,’ and blogs regularly on brand, design and strategic thinking.


Drop Shipping – Anton Kraly

In this episode Anton Kraly talks about Drop Shipping, sharing insights into how you can create profitable eCommerce businesses by leveraging high-ticket drop shipping.

Anton Kraly

Anton Kraly has been a serial entrepreneur for more than a decade, finding success building and selling multiple seven-figure businesses. In 2013, he started Drop Ship Lifestyle to teach people how to create profitable eCommerce businesses by leveraging high-ticket drop shipping. Voted “Best eCommerce Course” by Shopify in 2018, Drop Ship Lifestyle is now the top online eCommerce coaching program and has helped more than 8,000 students in 25 countries to find freedom through entrepreneurship.


Working Solo – Robert Gerrish

In this episode Robert Gerrish talks about working solo, sharing insights into how soloists can achieve success in business and life by creating a business that integrates with the life they wish to live.

Robert Gerrish

Robert Gerrish supports individuals starting, growing, fine-tuning or exiting their business. He founded the Flying Solo online community, co-wrote the bestseller of the same name, and in mid-2018 launched his latest book, ‘The 1-Minute Commute’. He’s a podcaster, speaker and works one-on-one with a small group of independent professionals.


Social Media Testing – Scott Ayres

In this episode Scott Ayres talks about social media testing, sharing insights into the results of the 40+ tests AgoraPulse has run to busts the myths, rumours and stories of the social media marketing ecosystem, with science.

Scott Ayres

Scott has created over 2000 blog posts on social media topics, is the co-author of “Facebook All-in-One for Dummies”, has made Social Media Examiner’s “Top 10 Social Media Blogs” three times, and is the current lead blogger and podcaster for Social Media Lab, powered by AgoraPulse.