In this episode Dale Beaumont talks about artificial intelligence, sharing insights into how you can use artificial intelligence to help scale your businesses.

Dale Beaumont

Dale Beaumont is an award-winning technology entrepreneur, international speaker and author of 16 best-selling books. With a passion to give back, Dale’s goal is to help more than one million entrepreneurs around the world with BRiN, the world’s first business advisor powered by artificial intelligence.

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Artificial Intelligence

In this episode we explore

  • What Artificial Intelligence is.
  • Examples of how artificial intelligence is being used in business right now.
  • What BRiN is.
  • How artificial intelligence can be used to deliver education to the right people at the right time.
  • How artificial intelligence uses data and algorithms to make informed decisions.
  • Why its important to ensure that the data you collect is correct and without unconscious biases when you train your bot.
  • The role of Chat Bots in assisting with Customer Service.
  • The process of machine learning.
  • What you need to do when training your bot to make sure that it has the personality and tone of voice that best reflects your business and brand.
  • Examples of different monetisation models using artificial intelligence.
  • Where to go to learn more information about artificial intelligence.

Resources discussed in the show

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