In this episode Melitta Hardenberg from Breaking Bad Habits explains how to break bad habits and form new ones that will assist you in achieving your goals in business and life.

Melitta Hardenberg

Melitta Hardenberg, founder of Breaking Bad Habits, is known as the go-to habit breaker. Melitta comes from a corporate background, designing positive wellbeing programs and delivering them across thousands of people across Australia. Melitta has been featured on Channel 7, Yahoo, The West Australian, The Australian Management Magazine and her clients include NAB, KPMG, Woodside, WA Police and Edith Cowan University.

Melitta knows motivation might get you started, but habits are what will keep you going… or failing if the habits are bad. Melitta hasn’t yet met a habit she cannot break.

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Breaking Bad Habits

In this episode we explore

  • Bad habits: What they are and how you can break them.
  • The process involved in making a new habit.
  • The truth behind the saying “It takes 21 days to make or break a habit”.
  • The role motivation plays in our ability to succeed in creating new habits.
  • Strategies, tips and hacks for creating a new habit.
  • Our 7-Day Meditation Challenge for #BusinessAddicts

The 7-Day Meditation Challenge

During this episode we discussed how we are keen to help our #BusinessAddicts form a new good habit. Following on from the feedback we got from a previous episode, we thought we would focus on creating a new daily meditation habit, as making meditation a daily habit seems to be something that a lot of our listeners are struggling with.

So we are launching a FREE 7-day meditation challenge that you can participate in either in your own time or if you are listening to this episode within a week of being launched, you can do it alongside other #BusinessAddicts.

All you have to do to get involved is go to and register to receive an email with a daily guided meditation.

It will go for seven days, commencing on Sunday 5 June 2016.

Regardless of whether you are joining us live or if you sign up later, emails will be sent to you daily (for seven days), to help support you through this process of forming this new meditation habit.

The benefit for those of you that are signing up prior to Sunday 5 June 2016 is that we will also be using our Facebook group to provide another level of motivation and accountability to further assist you in forming this new habit.

Resources discussed in the show

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