In this episode Greg Jenkins from Monkeypod Marketing talks about business automation, sharing some helpful tips on how you can make the most of automation software to streamline, scale and grow your business.

Greg Jenkins

Greg Jenkins is the founder of Monkeypod Marketing, where they focus on providing empowering entrepreneurs through educational events and online courses. Prior to starting Monkeypod Marketing, Greg worked at Infusionsoft, first as a consultant, and ultimately as the curriculum developer and lead trainer for Infusionsoft University. Greg currently lives in San Diego with his girlfriend Sara and dog Gatsby; and loves hiking, traveling, binging netflix and enjoying craft beer.

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Business Automation

In this episode we explore

  • Tips for mapping out the perfect lifecycle for customers in your business, taking into consideration each touch point, including what they have done to get to the point they are currently at and what you would like them to do next.
  • The questions you should be asking yourself to help map out your ideal customer journey.
  • How often you should revisit your customer lifecycle strategy.
  • Automation sequences that are a good starting option that can get you a quick win and allow you can start getting a return on investment as soon as possible.
  • Examples of how businesses have successfully integrated personalised marketing within their business.
  • How to grow sales through referrals using an automation system.
  • Tips on how you can use automation to gain more repeat sales to grow the lifetime value of your customers.
  • Ideas to segment your serious action takes from the rest of your list.
  • Examples of some of the internal processes that most businesses would benefit from automating

Resources discussed in the show

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