In this episode Chris explains the systems and process you can put in place to achieve virtual freedom in your business.

Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker is a serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker and bestselling author of the book, “Virtual Freedom”.

Originally from the UK, Chris has lived in the Philippines for 14-years, where he has founded several businesses, including an outsourced call center facility, a virtual assistant recruitment hub and a co-working space, which combined house over 250 full-time employees.

He is also a popular business blogger and podcaster at

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This episode came about after Loren met Chris at ProBlogger 2014, where Chris gave a fantastic keynote, along with an incredibly memorable presentation in conjunction with Pat Flynn on an introduction to podcasting for bloggers.

Chris Ducker and Loren Bartley

Yes, this is a picture of Chris & Loren dressed as Pirates!

Loren went into that presentation saying over and over again in her head, “YOU ARE NOT GOING TO PRODUCE A PODCAST, YOU ARE NOT STARTING A PODCAST” and then left the room saying “I’M GOING TO STARTING A PODCAST!”

If it wasn’t for Chris’ presentation with Pat and the fact that Chris said yes to coming on the show, then this podcast probably never would’ve seen the light of day.

Chris also has one of the best stories in terms of being a business addict on the brink of destruction and totally transforming his life. So it is super fitting that Chris Ducker is our first guest on the My Business Addiction Podcast.

In this episode we explore

  • How being a Business Addict created major health issues for Chris and how he was able to transform the way he managed his business and life to achieve amazing results.
  • What Superhero Syndrome is and how business addicts can rid themselves of this affliction.
  • How to recognise when you need to make a major change in the way you spend your time and what to do when you recognise it.
  • The different types of outsourcing options that business addicts should consider to free up more time to focus on what they do best and enjoy other aspects of their lives.
  • What you should look for when hiring a VA.
  • Tips for training and managing a VA so that it doesn’t become all consuming.

Virtual Freedom

Virtual Freedom: How to Work with Virtual Staff to Buy More Time, Become More Productive, and Build Your Dream Business is the step-by-step guide every entrepreneur needs to build his or her business with the asset of working with virtual employees. Focusing on business growth, Ducker explains every detail you need to grasp, from figuring out which jobs you should outsource to finding, hiring, training, motivating, and managing virtual assistants.

With additional tactics and online resources, Virtual Freedom is the ultimate resource of the knowledge and tools necessary for building your dream business with the help of virtual staff.

Resources discussed in the show

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