In this episode Loren Bartley and Fiona Redding discuss Click Engage Convert 2018, sharing details of how the event unfolded, the key takeaways from the event and the future plans based on the huge success of the event.

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Click Engage Convert 2018 Wrap-Up

In this episode we explore

  • Why Loren decided to create a digital marketing and social media conference in Australia and what she hoped to achieve from it
  • What goes into creating a world class conference
  • The role of event partners and sponsors in supporting the event
  • The importance of developing long term relationships so that you have a community to call upon to help contribute to the success of your event
  • A rundown of each of the presentations and key takeaways from Click Engage Convert 2018
  • The financial considerations of running a major conference
  • Plans for Click Engage Convert 2019

Some of the people discussed in the show

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