In this episode Fiona Redding talks about creating a new reality for yourself, sharing her experiences over the last 12 months and how she was able to overcome adversity and achieve massive goals by changing her mindset and being open to doing things differently.

Fiona Redding

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Creating A New Reality

In this episode we explore

  • How setting big hairy audacious goals can help you overcome adversity
  • How creating a new reality for yourself can help you achieve your goals
  • The cause and effect of the choices you make
  • Dealing with relentless financial pressure
  • The important role that journalling and meditating can play in showing the way forward
  • How your priorities in life should inform your decision making process
  • How you can create a new reality for yourself through visioning
  • Trusting in your instincts and having faith in your decisions
  • The important role that your mindset has in creating a new reality for your life
  • How your focus determines your future
  • Why delusion can be a good thing
  • Why you should always be open to doing things differently
  • How focusing on feeling more deserving can improve your experiences
  • The logistics of taking time out from your business and family
  • The importance of taking action towards your goals, regardless of how impossible they may appear to be

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