In this episode Mick Russell talks about creating viral videos, sharing loads of tips to help your next video go viral!

Mick Russell

Mick Russell is an accomplished videographer and story teller whose natural passion for the medium is evident across his portfolio and client roster.

He has worked on high profile production projects including the Tour De Cure, supported by the Commonwealth Bank; video content for Target, as well as various small business stories which he loves the most!

With a background in business development, sales and management plus a passion for social media and micro-content, Mick continually strives for creative and innovative ways to tell an organisation’s story; helping the business successfully engage and connect with its audiences.

You can follow Mick Russell on Facebook (Mick Russell – Melbourne +), Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.

Creating Viral Videos

In this episode we explore

  • What defines a viral video
  • Why going viral might not benefit your business
  • How giving people a first person view in your videos can help with engagement
  • The importance of analysing your videos to determine what resonates with your audience and using that information to inform the content of the future videos that you create
  • The role of audio in your video
  • The key components of a video that will increase the chances of your videos going viral
  • The best platform to use to increase the chances of your video going viral
  • Embedding videos on Facebook
  • Tips for sharing your video across multiple platforms
  • Some of the factors that contribute to the ideal length of your videos
  • Why you should be getting people to share your video as soon as possible after you first post your videos to Facebook
  • How boosting Facebook videos can help increase the chances of your videos going viral
  • The importance of interacting with the comments on your videos
  • Using email to gain greater views on your videos
  • How nonverbal communication can help tell your story
  • The importance of video on presenting your business to your future prospects
  • The ideal length for your videos
  • Tips for gaining more video views and engagement for videos that are unlikely to go viral
  • The reason subtitles are so important in videos these days and considerations when using subtitles on videos
  • The rule of thirds as it relates to video
  • The benefits of using two cameras
  • Tips for creating videos with your smartphone

Resources discussed in the show

  • Life Size Lego Car Powered by Air – Super Awesome Micro Project YouTube Video

  • An example of Fiona’s short speaking example videos

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