In this episode Loren Bartley from Impactiv8 talks about Facebook Advertising, sharing insights into how to create Facebook Ads that convert.

Loren Bartley

Loren Bartley from Impactiv8 is a proud #BusinessAddict!

Loren is a social media strategist, speaker, trainer, podcaster, blogger, early adopter, self-confessed geek, on-and-off again fitness addict and mother of three.

Through her training, Loren empowers you to grow your business using social media in conjunction with lifecycle marketing automation.

Her products and services include online training programs, presentations, workshops and one-on-one coaching. She also has a team that provides social media implementation services for businesses.

Loren is the creator of the Social Media Success and FB Business Success NOW! online training programs.

Regardless of the product or service provided, Loren provide the perfect balance between strategy, “how-to” and best practice, ensuring that all her clients have all the tools necessary to develop and maintain an effective social media presence.

You can follow Loren on FacebookLinkedInInstagramTwitter,Google+Youtube and Pinterest.

Facebook Advertising

In this episode we explore

  • Why you should we be investing in Facebook Advertising.
  • Whether or not boosting a post from your Page Timeline is a waste of money.
  • The various tools available for creating Facebook Ads and the pro’s and cons of each.
  • The different types of Ad objectives and when to use each.
  • The importance of audience targeting in the success of your ads.
  • An overview of the different audience targeting options available through Facebook Advertising.
  • Tips for making your ads stand out more through the imagery that you use in your Facebook Ads.
  • The removal of the 20% text rule in Facebook Ads and new best practice when it comes to the use of images in Facebook Ads.
  • How your copy can help optimise the conversions you are able to achieve through your Facebook Ads.
  • Including call-to-action buttons on an Facebook Ads and which ones work best.
  • Things to consider when linking to landing pages from Facebook Ads.
  • The different places you can place your Facebook Ads and the best way to split-test to see which placement is working best for your ads.
  • How to determine the optimal length for your Facebook Ads.
  • When you might consider scheduling what time your ads are delivered.
  • How to determine how much you should be spending on Facebook Ads.
  • How optimised pricing differs from optimising for a conversion.
  • What you should be monitoring whilst our ads are in action to determine whether or not our ads are working optimally.
  • How to measure the success of your ad at the completion of your ad campaign.
  • When and how to split test your ads.
  • How to reduce the chances of your ads being declined or your ads accounts being closed down.
  • Why you should start investing in a strategic approach to your Facebook Advertising rather than running one off ads in isolation.
  • An example Facebook Advertising Strategy for a business that is just starting out, that doesn’t have many Page Likes, subscribers or website traffic.
  • When it would be appropriate to sell directly from a Facebook Ad.
  • How email marketing can be used in conjunction with Facebook Ads to develop a sales funnel for your business.

Resources discussed in the show

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