In this episode Patricia Lohan talks about Feng Shui for Business, sharing some of the quick Feng Shui wins you can apply to your business that take relatively little effort but can return great results for your business.

Patricia Lohan

Patricia Lohan is a business coach, healer, Feng Shui practitioner and self-professed manifestation Queen believing that success in Business is an inside and outside job.

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Feng Shui For Business

In this episode we explore

  • What Feng Shui is.
  • How the principles of Feng Shui impact our business and personal life.
  • The ripple effect you can achieve by working on your environment.
  • How you can ensure your workspace is in alignment with what you are trying to achieve in your business and life.
  • The importance of creating boundaries around your workspace and tips for doing so.
  • What you can do to ensure your workspace is conducive to work if you have a home office.
  • The shift in energy that can occur when you move your office out of your home.
  • A practical example of some of the changes you can make to your office, using Loren’s new office as an example.
  • How you can change your space to create a vacuum for something new in your business or life.
  • The importance of creating a separate study space for your children to work.

Resources discussed in the show

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