In this episode Mish Wright talks about franchising vs licensing and why she chose the franchising business model over the licensing model for her business, Mishfit. Mish also shares how women’s health issues are overlooked within the fitness industry and what she is doing about this.

Mish Wright

Mish Wright is a passionate advocate, educator and women’s health consultant. Mish is actively creating a new approach for the health industry by providing physiotherapists, registered dietitians, personal trainers, fitness clubs, gyms, pregnant and post pregnant women with the educational tools, programs and solutions for sustainable women’s fitness and pelvic floor health.

Mishfit has grown from a job that Mish took on so that she could balance family commitments to a franchised business that currently has 10 franchises across Victoria, dedicated to providing safe exercise care to pre and post-natal women.

Mishfit was awarded gold and highly recommended in 2013 and then gold again in the 2014 at the Fitness Australia Industry Awards. Mish is the Ambassador for SRC recovery wear and has been nominated for the Telstra Womens’ Business Awards in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Mish is also currently serving on the Business Council of Fitness Australia.

And as if that is not enough, Mish also created and chaired the Women’s Health Summit in August 2014, the first event of its kind in Australia, providing the opportunity for a focus on both women’s health issues, as well as women presenting in the fitness industry. This event is now an annual event. Mish is also a regular fixture on the fitness speaking circuit.

Mish has two main passions in life

  1. Educating women about how to exercise safely while pregnant and especially post-natally
  2. Balancing her family life with her work

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Franchising vs Licensing

In this episode we explore

  • Franchising and licensing models, including the pros and cons of each
  • Identifying an opportunity and establishing yourself as an authority in that niche
  • The importance of trademarking as a Franchiser
  • Identifying weak points in sales processes and building in improvements
  • Tips for increasing efficiencies in your business and creating systems and processes in your business for outsourcing
  • Managing email to provide support
  • Advice for starting up a franchise
  • The importance of educating spouses when selling a Franchise to married women
  • Advocating for women’s health issues
  • Strategies for questioning the status quo and creating change in an industry.

Resources discussed in the show

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