In this episode Katrina McCarter from talks about her path to developing successful investment partnerships, including how to find, manage and successfully exit an investor relationship. Katrina also shares some insights on marketing to Mums.

Katrina McCarter

Katrina McCarter is the Founder of   After departing her corporate career as a seller in the grocery industry, over the last three years, Katrina has taken her the Bubbler group buying website to a million dollars in transactions last year.  Over this time, she has also grown a community of over 100,000 families across newsletter and social media platforms.  Bubbler is targeted to Mums with young kids under 12.

You can follow Katrina McCarter and Bubbler Deals on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

In this episode we explore:

  • Alternative paths to investment
  • The steps to secure investment
  • How to identify the right investors
  • Managing an investment relationship
  • How to have a successful relationship with investors
  • How to exit an investment relationship
  • Changing your mind on exiting your business
  • The importance of cultivating a great network
  • Marketing to mums
  • Using social media to drive traffic to your website
  • Managing multiple social media platforms
  • Outsourcing social media management
  • Pivoting your business direction
  • Fostering entrepreneurialism from a young age

Resources discussed in the show

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