In this episode Martine Oglethorpe talks about managing your online reputation. We also discuss the issue surrounding excessive use of technology for us as #BusinessAddicts, as well as our children.

Martine Oglethorpe

Martine is a parent and youth educator and speaker, helping families face the challenges of the modern world. As a mother to five boys, with a background in Secondary teaching and a Masters in Counselling, Martine is able to give insight and perspective, to help parents understand the challenges of raising kids today.

Martine facilitates workshops and presentations to students of all ages on how to interact online and presents at school parent information evenings, corporate groups and other parent communities to help them learn about the technology, understand the challenges faced by their kids and get some perspective on what it means to grow up today in order to make the best decisions for their families.

With realistic strategies, families can help their kids stay safe and smart, minimising the risks, in order to experience the many benefits this new world has to offer.

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Online Reputation

In this episode we explore:

  • Tips on how you can help your kids manage their online time better.
  • How people use technology and whether or not we, as a society, are actually addicted to it.
  • The connection between self-esteem and social networks.
  • How a child’s online profile can affect their identity.
  • Offline versus online and public versus private.
  • Gaming and its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Whether or not we have become a narcissistic, #selfie taking society.
  • What kids are doing online today.
  • The impact of technology on children and how this can affect them as adults.
  • Cyber-bullying and trolling.
  • Emotional correctness.

Resources discussed in the show

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