In this episode Loren Bartley and Fiona Redding talk about the journey so far in creating #BusinessAddicts The Podcast.
We give you peak behind the curtain, keeping it real and letting you know how the journey has transpired so that you can learn from this and hopefully use it as inspiration to lift yourself out of your comfort zone, extend yourself and create something awesome for yourself, which is ultimately what we have done.

In this episode we explore

  • Creating big intentions and goals for your project.
  • Generating buzz about your project with teaser content.
  • Developing an audience avatar.
  • Creating a wish list of people you want to work with.
  • Considerations when naming your project, including choosing domain names and social media handles.
  • Simple tools to use for creating a concept brief for artwork to submit to your designer.
  • The benefits of hiring local talent and developing longterm relationships when you know that you will need assistance longterm rather than just outsourcing for one-off tasks.
  • How presenting solutions rather than problems to those people you are collaborating with can speed things up when you hit an obstacle.
  • The importance of completely and utterly trusting the people you are collaborating with to make decisions in the best interest of your project.
  • The power of holding off and negotiating for something you really want.
  • How if you don’t ask, you don’t get.
  • Leveraging established relationships.
  • Overcoming obstacles (and more obstacles), oh yeah, and more obstacles…
  • The silver lining that comes with having to do things over and over again due to setbacks – despite the frustration, it actually give you a far better result.
  • The importance of pushing the boundaries to achieve results in your business.
  • How pushing the boundaries to launch a new project requires a high level of intensity that is not sustainable long-term.
  • The importance of putting systems and processes in place to become more streamlined in your operations to increase efficiencies in the way you work.
  • Overcoming upper limits when you expand outside of your comfort zone.
  • How pushing the boundaries and finding ways to get out of your own way can increase your resilience and demonstrate what you are really capable of.
  • The importance of celebrating success!

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