In this episode Shae Baxter explains the importance of Power Pages for improving SEO and generating more leads and sales for your business, as well as providing her top tips for creating them.

Shae Baxter

Shae Baxter provides entrepreneurs and bloggers with practical proven strategies to generate more search engine traffic so they can grow their business and to make it easier for clients, customers and fans to discover their work.

Shae is on a crusade to STOP what she has termed “mindless blogging” because she knows there’s better way to get qualified increased traffic to your site and a better use of your time.

Instead, Shae encourages people to create high quality content that’s valuable and leads to more traffic, subscribers and sales…all while helping you to build your brand, authority and expertise.

Shae graduated with a business degree from Monash University and then commenced a career working in various roles in not-for-profit, corporate, marketing, recruitment and disability services, both here in Australia and overseas. She also has a post-graduate certificate in Digital Marketing from the Australian Direct Marketing Association.

Her tips on SEO, marketing and customer-attraction have been featured in numerous high quality publications like Marketing Land, BRW, Long Tail Pro, The Publicity Hound, She Owns It, Tad Hargrave’s Niching Spiral, Simply Social Media, the Unemployable Woman and Small Business Victoria.

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Power Pages

In this episode we explore

  • What Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is.
  • How SEO has changed over the years and the different opinions people have on what makes for good SEO.
  • What domain authority is and why it is important.
  • How to check your domain authority and tips for improving it.
  • What Power Page are and the key elements that make them different to a blog post or a regular page on your website.
  • Tips for creating your own Power Page.
  • Finding the right topic for your Power Page.
  • What long tail keywords are and how they can help you achieve improved search engine ranking.
  • Tips for attracting links, social shares and traffic to help improve your SEO.
  • What a welcome gate homepage is.
  • How a welcome gate can help generate more leads for your business. 

Resources discussed in the show

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