In this episode Mark Stephen talks about self-hypnosis, sharing insights into how it can be used as a tool for reducing stress, weight loss and other issues in your life.

Mark Stephens

Mark Stephens first started using meditation to help control his severe asthma attacks at the age of 8. He then went on to study meditation under Chinese teachers, Japanese masters and Tibetan monks. He is a Ju-Jutsu Black Belt, bestselling author and leading hypnotherapist.

In 1990, he was given a possible six months to live with a rapidly growing second-stage lymphoma. 27 years later, thanks to a combination of eastern healing methods, complementary treatments and the best of western medicine, he now has a clean bill of health and inspires other people to transform their lives through hypnosis and motivation programs.


In this episode we explore

  • What self-hypnosis is
  • The difference between hypnosis and self-hypnosis
  • How self-hypnosis works
  • How self-hypnosis is different to the hypnosis you have probably seen on stage
  • How elf-hypnosis differs from meditation
  • Some of the challenges hypnosis can assist people to overcome
  • How self-hypnosis can assist with weight loss
  • Advice to assist you in prioritising your health
  • Tips for being able to identify the triggers for your bad habits
  • Simple strategies you can implement that will assist you in being able to change your behaviours when exposed to those things that usually trigger your bad habits
  • Three simple sentences you can tell yourself that will help you break you bad habits, regardless of what they might be

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