In this episode Nikki Parkinson from Styling You shares tips on how to build and monetise your blog to build a thriving business using sponsorship, ambassadorship and advertising.

Nikki Parkinson

Nikki Parkinson is a former journalist-turned blogger and author. She blogs at the award-winning fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog, Styling You. Last year her first book, Unlock Your Style, was published by Hachette Australia. This year Styling You won the 2015 Queensland micro business Telstra Business Award. Styling You has a readership of more than 100,000 per month and attracts sponsorship from national brands such as Katies, Olay and Schwarzkopf. She loves helping women find greater confidence through their everyday style.

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Sponsorship, Ambassadors & Advertising

In this episode we explore

  • Advice on building an audience around your blog and keeping it.
  • The importance of developing relationships with other bloggers.
  • How your blog can grow to become your main revenue source.
  • How to become attractive to businesses to the extent that they want to sponsor you or have you as an Ambassador.
  • The difference is between an Ambassador and a Sponsor.
  • Approaching businesses that you would like to partner with.
  • An example of how to you can use a popular topic, like a television show to help build your audience.
  • Helpful advice for those wanting to gain more sponsorship or ambassadorship opportunities.
  • The importance of winning awards and the development of your business.
  • Advice on Telstra Business Award applications.

Resources discussed in the show

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