In this episode Damian Moratti talks about Virtual Reality, sharing his experiences and research findings about how virtual reality can be used influence emotional and cognitive state.

Damian Moratti

Damian is a tech entrepreneur with a lifelong passion for psychology and cognitive science. As the co-founder and CEO of Liminal VR Damian has been a driving force in the development of a new product category of Virtual Reality experiences designed to induce and augment emotional and cognitive states.

Holding an unwavering conviction that Virtual Reality is going to fundamentally transform our world and augment ‘virtually’ every aspect of our lives, Damian is one of Australia’s leading VR evangelists.

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Virtual Reality

In this episode we explore

  • The potential impact virtual reality could have on our businesses and lives moving forward.
  • Why virtual reality is the “next big thing” even though it has been around for decades.
  • How Liminal VR’s emotional and cognitive state research using virtual reality can benefit businesses who are using virtual reality, as well as those who aren’t.
  • How colour pallets can be used to help drive a desired psychological outcome.
  • Whether or not the influence virtual reality can have on emotional and cognitive states can be long lasting.
  • The impact virtual reality could have on medical issues such as depression and social issues, such as isolation.
  • Whether or not people could become addicted to virtual reality.
  • The potential for virtual reality to induce negative psychological effects.
  • What the industry is doing to overcome motion sickness and the nausea that comes with virtual reality for some users.
  • The safety risks involved in using virtual reality and safety measures that should be taken.
  • What you should be doing in your business to prepare for the opportunities virtual reality can provide.

Resources discussed in the show

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