In this episode Loren Bartley talks about the next evolution for Business Addicts as a brand, sharing the plans for the new coworking space she is developing that will be called “Business Addicts Coworking”.

Business Addicts Coworking

In this episode we explore

  • Why Loren decided to setup a coworking space.
  • What gave Loren the confidence to be able to create another business
  • Why Loren decided to use an existing brand rather than creating a new brand for the coworking space.
  • How Business Addicts needed to be modified as a brand to be able to accommodate the new business direction.
  • Business Addicts rebranding.
  • Some of the things involved in setting up a new business in the early days.
  • How this change in direction with impact Business Addicts The podcast.
  • Some of the things you need to consider when setting up a bricks and mortar business.
  • How Loren went about designing the space.
  • How Loren will be documenting the process of building the business.
  • Plans for the Business Addicts Coworking launch party.
  • Long term vision for Business Addicts Coworking.

Resources discussed in the show

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