In this episode Peter Engelhardt talks about business branding, sharing insights into how you can transform your business into a brand.

Peter Engelhardt

Peter Engelhardt is a brand consultant and entrepreneur focused on strategic branding and design for small to medium sized enterprises. He is the founder and CEO of Creative Brew, a strategic design agency that helps entrepreneurs and business creators who want to transform their businesses into industry leading brands.

Peter and his team have also developed the world’s only interactive eTool, Plan2Brand. Designed to make it easier for business owners to understand brand strategy it guides users through the process of crafting a meaningful strategic roadmap.

Peter is also the Author of ‘Differentiate to Dominate,’ and blogs regularly on brand, design and strategic thinking.

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Business Branding

In this episode we explore

  • What brand strategy is and why is it so important.
  • The 7 steps to transform your business into a brand.
  • Why having a purpose or doing what you do is so important in business and how a purpose can help you outperform your competition.
  • The importance of creating client personas, a.k.a. ideal customer avatars.
  • Advice for anyone who is getting stuck identifying their ideal customers.
  • What a positioning statement is and why it is so powerful for businesses to develop one.
  • What brand pillars are.
  • How your promise helps shape your brand.
  • What’s involved in creating a vision statement for your business.
  • How adopting human characteristics (or traits/brand archetypes) can positively shape how people feel about your brand and further set you apart.
  • What Brand Archetypes are how you can use them to help you stand apart from your competitors.

Resources discussed in the show

  • Start with why: How great leaders inspire action – Simon Sinek

  • The 7 steps to transform your business into a brand
  • Brand Archetypes

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