In this episode James Tuckerman talks about content hacks, sharing the secrets of how he manages to be so prolific with the quality content he shares on a daily basis.

James Tuckerman

James is one of Australia’s most accomplished digital publishers.

He’s an entrepreneur, angel investor, consultant, coach, public speaker and all-round nice guy.

James is best known for launching Anthill Magazine back in 2003, from the spare bedroom of his parents’ home at the ripe old age of 26 year, as you do. 🙂

Anthill then went on to be named Best Small Publisher In 2004 and 2005.

In early 2009, James shocked the publishing world by abandoning the print version of Anthill in favour of a 100% digital product.

Within six-months, was listed by Nielsen Online Ratings among the Top 50 Business & Finance websites in Australia and many other major publications are NOW following his lead and going solely online.

James is definitely a Business Addict. He has launched numerous digital ventures, including the Not-So-Freaky University, as well as helped countless other companies, both large and small, significantly improve their online commercial outcomes.

Most recently, James travelled all the way to Antartica to attend a conference because that’s the kind of thing us business addicts do.

You can follow James on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

In this episode we explore

  • How you structure a virtual businesses so you are able to scale up and down based on the projects and workload you have going on at any one point in time.
  • How to manage communication with virtual staff.
  • The importance of weaving story into  the content you share, even your sales messages.
  • The importance of communicating to your audience why it is that you do what you do.
  • Strategies for getting your authentic personality into the content that you develop.
  • How naming your target audience in the content that you develop can get you better results.
  • Turning around your content stuff ups.
  • Content hacks for churning out quality content on a regular and consistent basis that offers massive value to your ideal customer for minimal cost.
  • How creating one item of quality content and repurposing it can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend developing content, whilst at the same time allow you to achieve much better results for your business.
  • Using content as a seduction process for your business.
  • Why you should change the conversation from “me” to “you” in the content you develop.
  • How spending 30mins planning, 30mins recording and 30mins out tasking can allow you to generate a podcast, cheat sheet, five blog posts, an infographic, powerpoint slides to share on Slideshare and overlay with audio to create a five part video course, quotes to create meme cards for social sharing for minimal cost.
  • Recommendations for being able to produce quality content without having to hand over any cash.
  • Recording hacks to reduce the amount of time required for editing audio files.

Resources discussed in the show

More from James Tuckerman…

In the show James promised the following resources:

In addition to this, James has provided a digital marketing resource for Business Addicts which you can access by visiting:

Not only will you gain massive value from this free resource, you will also receive further emails from James where you will be able to see his lead nurturing process and the awesome copy we discussed in the #BusinessAddicts podcast in action.

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