In this episode of #BusinessAddicts, we chat with Danielle Storey from The Cartridge Family who shares with us insights into customer delight and why we should be aiming to delight our customers rather than just serve them.

Danielle Storey

Danielle Storey is the co-owner of an award-winning international multi-million dollar family-run business, The Cartridge Family. The Cartridge Family is based in Melbourne servicing Australian and New Zealand businesses for over 16 years. She is also a professional speaker in business, marketing, sales, customer service and employee engagement. She is an experienced and skilled mentor as well as being a specialist in exhibiting and sponsorship management.

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Customer Delight

In this episode we explore

  • The difference between customer service and customer delight.
  • What a Customer Delight system is.
  • The four key Customers Delight Systems that #BusinessAddicts should be putting in place for their businesses and examples of each.
  • What internal customers are and why is it important to serve and delight our internal customers.
  • Staff meeting systems.
  • Examples of the types of things that people who provide exceptional customer delight experiences do regularly.
  • Tips for creating loyal customers who rave about your service and keep coming back.
  • Tips for dealing with disgruntled customers.
  • Simple feedback systems for internal and external customers.
  • The importance of taking time out in your business to enable you to be able to provide better customer service.

Resources discussed in the show

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