In this episode Amber Daines from Bespoke Communications talks about how to get heard in business and generate real influence.

Amber Daines

Amber Daines has spent her 18 year career devoted to all things communications including print and TV journalism, PR and marketing working in Australia, Asia and Europe.

Launching Bespoke Communications in 2007, Amber combined all her expertise to form a boutique agency servicing the corporate, small business, creative and charitable sectors. These days the business is focused on media training, public speaking, corporate communications strategy and professional writing services.

Amber is passionate about the power of communications to change your business and your profile. With two children under seven years old, Amber also thrives on the financial and mental flexibility that being self-employed allows.

In 2013 Amber launched her first self-published title ‘Well Spun: Big PR and Social Media Ideas for Small Business’ and most recently published ‘Well Said: How to be heard in business and generate real influence’, which unpacks the power of authentic speaking.

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Getting Heard In Business

In this episode we explore

  • Why “speaking is the new black” when it comes to being heard in business and creating real influence.
  • The four step process for delivering effective presentations.
  • Tips for adapting our stories for different audiences.
  • Tips for helping you look like a professional speaker, even if aren’t one.
  • Advice for pitching for a Ted Talk.
  • The benefits of having a show real when it comes to gaining quality speaking opportunities.
  • Tips for nailing media interviews.
  • How to create meaningful relationships with people in the media so that you are more likely to be contacted when there is a need for a story that you could potentially contribute to.
  • What you should be doing after you have gained media exposure to further leverage the opportunity.
  • The pros and cons of DIY PR versus hiring freelancers or agencies.
  • Tools that will assist in gaining PR for your business.
  • The importance of working out your why and crafting your stories around that.

Resources discussed in the show

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