In this episode Melanie Miller talks about Loving Profit, sharing insights into how to create a business that is Profitable + Liveable + Loveable.

Melanie Miller

Melanie Miller is a lover of the unsexy side of business. After breaking up with the corporate world of soul-sucking employers she became a business coach over 8 years ago focusing on dishing up the hard unsexy truths of business to women. After losing her mum to cancer, she realised how short life is, and decided to go all out on creating a lifestyle business driven by her passion to help women create profitable, liveable and lovable businesses both off and online. Today she has a thriving online business called The Profit Lovers, has developed a crazy fun community of over 8000 female entrepreneurs and is living nicely in what she calls her business “sweet spot”.

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Loving Profit

In this episode we explore

  • How to create a business that is Profitable + Liveable + Loveable
  • The importance of covering off on the “unsexy” fundamental basics of business in order to be able to propel your business forward
  • Tips for how you can structure your businesses in a way that ensures that you have a consistent income coming in and are getting paid first
  • Tools for keeping track of the key metrics in your business that will drive profit
  • The key metrics you should be tracking on a daily basis
  • How frequently you should be managing your banking for better control of your finances
  • The importance of setting up seperate business accounts for banking and Paypal
  • The issue of lumpy cash flow cycles and what you can do to break the poor cash flow cycle
  • The importance of analysing your profit and loss statement and forward planning your cashflow at least once a month against your expectations for the month
  • Why most people who think they have a cash flow problem actually have a marketing problem rather than a cash flow problem
  • Why regular reoccurring income is so important for fuelling your business
  • The issues that come with premium pricing as a strategy for increased profits
  • The importance of finding a cash flow system that works best for your and your circumstances
  • If you aren’t achieving your financial goals for your business, what you need to do to determine why this is the case

Resources discussed in the show

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