In this episode Nicole Baldinu talks about Software as a Service (SaaS), sharing her behind the scenes experience in building SaaS company Webinar Ninja.

Nicole Baldinu

Nicole is the co-founder and COO of WebinarNinja and producer of The $100 MBA Show (2014 best of iTunes). Nicole had no formal business training and got her business chops by doing. Along with her husband, Omar Zenhom, she is revolutionizing the world of webinars as we know it.

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Software as a Service

In this episode we explore

  • The skills required to build and manage a software as a service company.
  • Who to hire first when starting your software as a service company.
  • How to know when your software is good enough to ship.
  • Advice for deciding whether or not your should update your current software or rebuild the platform again.
  • The tools required to effectively manage customer support so that any time critical issues are responded to in a timely manner and escalated as appropriate.
  • How AppSumo deals can assist in business growth.
  • Examples of how to market your software as a service company.
  • Where to start when you have an idea for software you would like to develop, but are not sure where to start.
  • How customer feedback can help you improve your software.
  • What it’s like to manage a business whilst on a holiday.
  • Tips for balancing more than one business.

Resources discussed in the show

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