In this episode Dr Linda Wilson talks about how you can take control of the level of stress you experience on a daily basis, sharing insights into how you can use the latest neurological research, tools and techniques to create sustainable stress management for yourself.

Dr Linda Wilson

Dr Linda Wilson is the Author of Stress Made Easy – Peeling Women Off The Ceiling.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Linda is a corporate wellness consultant and owns a multi-modality wellness practice. When not working with clients Linda has a weekly radio show focusing on stress management, health and wellbeing.

Linda incorporates the latest neurological research, tools and techniques to create sustainable stress management plans for her clients.

Informed by the philosophy of a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, a Graduate Diploma in Education (Health) and 17 years clinical experience as a stress management specialist, Linda understands that the capacity to change your mind changes your world. Linda has helped hundreds of clients better identify, understand and manage their stress.

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Stress Made Easy

In this episode we explore

  • What stress is and what it is that can make us feel stressed.
  • Some of the common ways that you may physically process stress.
  • How to identify your red flag warning signals that will tell you that you are experiencing stress.
  • How the game of life is set up with inherited rules and how these inherited rules can impact your stress levels.
  • How you can go about rewriting your rule book, if you are operating from a set of rules that no longer serve you, and start developing a new belief system around all aspects of your life.
  • How your stress response is triggered by the meaning you give to an event, rather than an event itself, and how you can use this knowledge to more proactively manage your stress levels.
  • Why it is that you continue to repeat negative stress behaviours when you want to change them and what you need to do to bring about the desired change.
  • How much the degree to which you are connected with (or perhaps not connected with) your body influence your ability to recognise and interpret the presence of stress in our body.
  • Some of the potential issues that can occur if your stress levels are consistently high to the point that you are living in a state of chronic stress.
  • Advice for those people who are currently feeling completely overwhelmed with stress and what they should do to peel themselves down off the ceiling.
  • The kinds of questions you need to be asking yourself so that you can change, grow and move beyond a state of constant stress.
  • Assuming we reduce the level of stress that we are experiencing on a daily basis to a new, much lower normal,
  • Tips (for when you have managed to reduce your stress levels) to make sure that you don’t slip back into your old bad habits over time and end up stressed again.

Resources discussed in the show

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