In this episode Loren and Fiona are interviewed from the studio of Radio 98.7 RPPFM by Warwick Merry as part of the Taking Care of Business show.

Radio 98.7 RPPFM

RPP FM is a local radio station with a new vibrancy and a focus steeped in community activities, current affairs and culture. It broadcasts on 98.7 FM and 98.3 FM to the Mornington Peninsula, Frankston, the Southern suburbs of Kingston, wider Melbourne including Geelong and the communities of Westernport and Port Phillip Bays.

LIVE in the RPPFM studios every Friday from 11am to 12noon with Host Jacki Mitchell, Taking Care of BUSINESS is one of the few dedicated radio business programs. Featuring special guests from the business world talking about their successes, failures, lessons, inspiration & ideas.

The program is full of tips on marketing, finance, brand management, thought leadership and expert opinions with insider knowledge on all things business. An entertaining combination of inspiring people and music, business news and views.

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Taking Care of Business

In this episode we explore

  • The importance of life integration.
  • The power of connecting and collaborating.
  • What people can do to reconnect with happiness.
  • How you can be more productive on social media.
  • How to decide what and when to post on social media.
  • The best way to blend your personality and business on social media.
  • Tips on how to get people to share your posts on social media.
  • The benefits of starting a Podcast.
  • The types of technology you need to run a Podcast.

Resources discussed in the show

  • Factory – An example of how to get visitors to your store to promote your business via social media:

Ever wonder what the studio is like at RPPFM? Ever thought about what is going through the mind of the guests just prior to going on air? Well this morning we did a quick periscope chat before taking over the airwaves while Jacki Mitchell was away Taking Care of Business. Click here to watch.

You can see more photos from when we recorded in the RPPFM Studios here.

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