In this episode Robert Gerrish talks about working solo, sharing insights into how soloists can achieve success in business and life by creating a business that integrates with the life they wish to live.

Robert Gerrish

Robert Gerrish supports individuals starting, growing, fine-tuning or exiting their business. He founded the Flying Solo online community, co-wrote the bestseller of the same name, and in mid-2018 launched his latest book, ‘The 1-Minute Commute’. He’s a podcaster, speaker and works one-on-one with a small group of independent professionals.

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Working Solo

In this episode we explore

  • The three drivers to motivation
  • The traits of a successful soloentrepreneurs
  • The importance of structures and boundaries for soloists
  • The importance of focusing on those things that are most important
  • The benefits of taking regular breaks, as well as exercise during your working week
  • Tips for soloists to be able to charge what they are worth
  • What personal branding is and what it is important as a soloist to develop a personal brand
  • Why many soloists regularly experience over overwhelm and tips for taking the pressure off when this occurs
  • The prevalence of mental health issues amongst soloists and some of the signs that a soloists needs to take a step back from their business and get some support
  • Advice for soloists to stay connected in what can otherwise be a lonely road to business success
  • The wonderful supportive soloist community that has been developed in Australia
  • Why soloists shouldn’t always go it alone and how to identify when it is the right time to get support
  • The difference between outsourcing and abrogating responsibility and why a soloist should never abrogate responsibilities
  • Advice to prevent soloentrepreneurs from becoming a slave to the job they have created
  • How and why Robert sold Flying Solo
  • Tips for soloists who are looking to build their business to eventually sell

Resources discussed in the show

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