In this episode Angela Raspass talks about Your Next Chapter Business, sharing insights into what it is that shapes the extent you flourish and expand in business.

Angela Raspass

Angela Raspass is a “Your Next Chapter Business Mentor”. She supports women in their 40’s and beyond as they let go of self-doubt and create personally and financially fulfilling businesses that leverage their experience and expertise.

After a corporate marketing and sales career, Angela launched her own marketing consultancy at her dining room table in 2003 with two small children underfoot. Ideas Into Action expanded into a Sydney office with a team of full time staff and clients in three states.

In 2012, tired of pure strategic b2b marketing, Angela began to explore what her Next Chapter might entail. A period of exploration, education and personal development followed before she pivoted—now specialising in helping women create their own Next Chapter Businesses, building confidence, clarity and wholehearted marketing and sales skills so they too can do the work in the world that brings them fulfilment and abundance.

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Your Next Chapter Business

In this episode we explore

  • What a “Your Next Chapter Business Mentor” is.
  • Common reasons why people feel the need to embark on a new chapter in business.
  • The biggest thing that holds people back from making the decision to start afresh in business, particularly later in life.
  • Why the journey into Your Next Chapter Business has Trust at its core.
  • “Just in time” learning versus “just in case” learning.
  • Advice for when your inner critic goes into overdrive and starts hijacking your thoughts and playing with your emotions.
  • Advice for changing core beliefs that have developed as a result of you listening to your inner critic for years.
  • How EFT can assist you in business.
  • How to break the negative spiral of emotions and behaviours and replace them with more positive ones.
  • The importance of self-awareness.
  • How to avoid procrastination and taking the escape hatch by making a conscious switch to skylight thinking.
  • Building a support network and the types of people you need (and don’t need) in your life.
  • The importance of ROE “Return On Energy”.
  • Why everyone needs a “Fabulous File”and what it should contain.
  • The importance of being in touch with what your core values are and making sure that your core values are in action in your business.

Resources discussed in the show

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