In this episode Liz Thompson talks about branding business assets, sharing tips for branding the various assets of your business, beyond just your company logo.

Liz Thompson

Liz founded her graphic design business Caliba in 2002 while working full time in the fashion industry.

Caliba is a home-based-design studio dedicated to helping brands reach their full potential through brand creation and awareness.

Liz provides creative thinking and innovative design solutions to recharge your brand, attract your target market and deliver your message effectively.

Liz has worked with many clients including Scholl, Adidas, Puma, Bogs, Pacific brands and Globe although she really enjoys helping small businesses to launch their themselves into the marketplace.

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Branding Business Assets

In this episode we explore

  • Where you should start when you are looking to develop the visual elements that are going to represent your business and the suite of products, programs and services that you intend to offer over time.
  • The importance of identifying your business’ target audience.
  • Why it’s so important that you know your target audience well before you embark on branding your business assets.
  • The various design elements can help attract your target audience.
  • Tips for naming your business offerings.
  • The importance of developing consistency amongst your brand assets.
  • Tips for rebranding and how rebranding can help recharge your brand.
  • How re-packaging a product can be a good strategy for being able to charge premium prices and/or generating more sales.
  • Advice on transition to a new look, whether it be for one of your products, programs or services or a full brand refresh.
  • Resources available to help you rebrand on a budget.

Resources discussed in the show

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