016 Fiona Redding Business Addicts

In this episode Fiona Redding provides practical tips on how you can improve your happiness quotient. We discuss how to define success and happiness, including the importance of understanding what a successful life looks and feels like for you.

Fiona Redding

As founder and Chief Happiness Hunter, Fiona has built a network and community that is focused on reciprocity, connection and well-being.

The Happiness Hunter is a mastermind on legs – with daily walks throughout Melbourne (they are free!), a Leadership Program, an on-line community, You Can Change Your Life Bootcamp, retreats, workshops and mind-set mentoring.  Fiona is also a speaker, business strategist and consultant, as well as being the co-host of #BusinessAddicts the podcast (one of the best gigs EVER!).

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In this episode we explore

  • The importance of defining what a successful life is for you.
  • How having clarity on your values and vision can make decision making easy.
  • The link between understanding your priorities and making choices.
  • Life integration as opposed to work life balance.
  • Why YOU are the most important element in your life.
  • What is your happiness quotient (HQ) across The Seven Elements of your life.

Resources discussed in the show

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