In this episode Warwick Merry talks about his success is SIMPLE theory, sharing why success is simple (but not easy).

Warwick Merry

Warwick Merry ( is a Master MC and an inspiring professional speaker, renowned for his high-energy presentations and seminars.

Through his presentations, whether they be at a formal function or interactive workshop, Warwick ignites an endless passion to Get More out of life for both his clients and himself.

We think Warwick is the best in the business, that’s why we chose him to be the “voice over guy” for our show.

But it’s not just us that think Warwick is pretty good. Warwick has just recently been internationally accredited as a Certified Speaking Professional. That’s a global certification and currently only 70 people hold this certification in Australia.

In addition to this, Warwick is also the author of the book “Get more inspiration – Unexpected ways to help you achieve”.

You can follow Warwick on LinkedIn, Twitter or Google+.

In this episode we explore

The success is SIMPLE principle which consists of:

  • Selection
  • Inspiration
  • Motivation
  • Put into action
  • Large celebration
  • Evolution

Warwick drops some great advice throughout the show. Here’s a few of our favourite Warwick quotes (there’s way more Warwick gold that you will have to listen to the episode for):

Resources discussed in the show

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