In this episode Laney Galligan talks about Influencer Marketing, explaining how you can use influencer marketing in your business. We explore the win/win/win relationships that can occur when businesses partner with influencers for marketing purposes. We look at this from the perspectives of the influencer, the business and the audience.

Laney Galligan

Laney Galligan is an experienced sales and marketing professional, an ex-‘mummy blogger’, General Manager of ProBlogger and Director of bespoke influencer services agency Agents of Influence.
In a few short years she has contracted close to a million dollars in sponsorships for a small and select group of clients, simply by leveraging their influence.
Her next adventure is turning her knowledge and experience into resources for others so they too can understand, build and leverage their influence to create a living on their own terms.

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Influencer Marketing

In this episode we explore

  • What influence is.
  • The 6 principles of influence.
  • What you need to do if you want to position yourself as an Influencer in your niche
  • Why influence isn’t a numbers game and how to measure your real level of influence so that you can articulate it to potential partners.
  • The importance of developing your own “Influencer Files”.
  • Why influencers are more valuable than the impressions and eyeballs that you can purchase through Google Adwords or a highly targeted Facebook Advertising campaign.
  • Examples of some of the meaningful and sustainable ways that bloggers, podcasters and other online entrepreneurial creatives can use their influence to benefit their business.
  • Advice for influencers who would like to approach a major brand for some sort of partnership.
  • Tips for making sure that you pitch your partnership arrangement at the right level, whether you be pitching as the influencer or the business.
  • How to identify who the appropriate influencers would be to partner with for your business.
  • Tips for making contact with an influencer so that not only does your pitch stand out amongst other approaches, but so that you are more likely to develop a successful relationship with the influencer.
  • How to develop true win/win/win partnerships in your influencer marketing strategy.

Resources discussed in the show

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